Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Obama

I've concluded I need to pay a lot of attention to temperment while studying the candidates.  I'm wondering how many don't have the temperment to be President.

Mr. Obama seems more and more to be just such.  He morphs into different personalities.  Joe Cool to Mr. Hyde with a few others inbetween!  Will the real Obama please stand up?

It's hard to find anything amusing with the country in it's current state and getting worse, but I do get a kick out of Obama and his jobs bill.  All of a sudden we're in a crisis and this bill has to be passed as is!  The bridges are going to collapse.  The sky is falling.

Where the heck has he been for the past three years?  Two of which he had  both the House and the Senate.  He might have noticed we were in crisis mode had he stuck around the White House and communicated with Congress rather than running the longest re-election campaign in recent history!

After three years I don't think he yet understands what the President is supposed to do.  Lead.

Now all of sudden he wants everything his way.  A lot of the mess we're facing wouldn't be so bad had he been paying attention and willing to do the very thing he's accusing Republicans of refusing to do.  Negotiate and compromise.

Yes, we do need to take action to get people back to work.  It isn't going to happen over night, unfortunately. But bullying and threatening Congress isn't exactly the way I'd go about getting their co-operation.  He did the same thing with Obamacare.  It seems to be his manner. His way or no way.  He doesn't realize he "won" because of Bush fatigue. That is not a mandate for his policies.  Leading and dictating are not synonymous!  That's what I mean about temperment. I just don't think he gets it.

Consider how long he's been complaining about how he inherited everything from Bush.  Well, maybe some of it.  I won't argue that, but where has he been since?  Letting business continue as usual.

Let's face it, his bill isn't going to get passed without scrutiny and changes.  Congress is going to be Congress and do things the way they always do - contentiously and slow. The television debates are giving us nothing about the Republicans that indicates they have a handle on solutions.  They are, however, doing a great job of making themselves look unworthy and incapable of the job. The Tea Party and the right wing conservatives aren't helping matters any with their demands.

My crystal ball says the future isn't looking good.  Perhaps the cool spell that's coming will also cool my frustration with our leadership. Or it may just chill me to the bone.

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Margie's Musings said...

So far I haven't heard any Republican come up with any better ideas. So unless someone mysteriously materializes, I will probably vote for the president again.

He spent his first couple of years trying to get the health care bill passed and trying to stimulate the economy.

Working on the infrastructure seems like a very good idea to me.