Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Jobs,Stupid!

Jobs, jobs, jobs.  It's the Presidential mantra these days.  Pass my jobs bill or I'll run against a do nothing Congress.

This is obviously aimed at the Republicans.  So how do you explain that the Democrats are off on another vacation?  Even more, how do you explain that upon their return the jobs bill will be on the back burner so they can work on a bill to label China as a currency manipulator.  Wow, that should generate millions of jobs in the near future.  Maybe even in time for Christmas.  Right.

So who doesn't get it here?  It could be me, true.  The more I watch this circus the less I understand.  I guess there is no urgency to produce meaningful legislation that all the experts NOT holding office are encouraging.  Repeal some of the more onerous regulations and simplify the tax code.  Why is it that Congress does not want to address these? Probably for the same reason the country is starting into a new fiscal year, for the fourth year in a row, without a budget.  Thank you Senate.  Thank you Democrats.

This means another year of continuing resolutions every couple of months or so.  It will probably also mean more squabbles like the one going on now over disaster aid. Unfortunately the pattern and the outcome are predictable.  Do it our way or we'll close down the government!  Same song, I've lost count of the verse.

Jobs?  Don't hold your breath.  If anyone is wondering why Herman Cain and Ron Paul are resonating with the electorate, this is as good an example as you can get.  It sure isn't anyone from the tea party types who insist on holding us hostage to their ideas nor the President and his temporary measures that only encourages oncoing uncertainty.

You know, Christmas is just around the corner.  There will be a point in time when the government can no longer keep us afloat with extensions of unemployment while they're keeping companies from hiring because of uncertainty.  The shopping season may be dismal.  Food banks are already empty and we have yet to hit the Thanksgiving rush.  People who buy those extra turkey dinners may well be hard pressed to buy their own. It's a reason lay away plans are back.

But vacations are important to our lawmakers.  After all, it takes a lot of energy to sidestep responsibility to the people.

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Margie's Musings said...

There will be no new jobs until people start buying again...then there will be hiring.