Wednesday, December 07, 2011

$1000 And You Can Run For President

It's true.  If you want to run in New Hampshire. The Wall Street Journal informs me there are already 30 Republicans and 14 Democrats doing just that.

It dawned on me while reading the article just what is the matter with this country.  We consider the most important process to elect the most important position in the country as no more than entertainment.  We have become no more than a cult led by political personalities.  Substance?  What's that?

Have you noticed how many words like that are disappearing from our political vocabulary?

One New Hampshire candidate wants no more than to get  the powers talking about Thorium, a replacement for uranium in nuclear reactors.  A worthy conversation, I'm sure, but enough for a Presidential run? Ah, what's $1000 bucks.  I can't think of a better cause that could use it.

Another said God told him to run but gave him no guidelines. He is not one of the current seven known candidates, but he could be!

This one particularly appeals to me.   Vermin Supreme, that's his name, wants zombie preparedness.  That should get us ready for a new Congress.  Mandatory tooth brushing.  Bringing hygiene to the 'Occupy' enclaves.  And a pony for every American.  Boy, I always wanted a pony as a kid.  Didn't you?  At least he admits his platform is designed to show the absurdity of the process.

Ah, the absurdity of the process.  How on the mark.  What could be more absurd than Donald Trump setting himself up as arbiter of what the candidates should profess.  Or Greta Van Susteren giving him air time night after night to wax profound.  Or Trump moderating a debate.  At least Romney, Huntsman and Paul have had the good sense to decline.

Speaking of Paul, the man who thinks Iran will like us better if we're nicer to them.  Didn't Obama try that?  And Newt.  Oh well, no one will mind if their kids are required to help clean the school along with the janitorial staff to learn a work ethic.

Somehow the gentleman promoting zombie preparedness seems no more absurd to me than most of the first and second tier candidates.  That's what scares me.

Why don't we take it seriously?  It is serious.  Dead serious.  My Saint Bernard buddy, Jub Jub, is going to audition for 'America's Got Talent' next month.  If all the candidates would audition for the show I'd wager on the dog winning. He'll be the serious contender.

Actually, Jub is auditioning for the right show.  The candidates seem to be auditioning for 'Lost'.  That too is serious.  Dead serious.

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Margie's Musings said...

Oh how we agree right now, Mari. This entire campaign has become a joke. This one is so corrupt that he might win the nomination. Gingrich! Bah! Humbug!