Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Paul As The Anti-Romney

Is it me or are all the candidates losing it?  It would seem Newt lost it yesterday, falling into the pit of tainted truths right along with Mitt.  Desperate measures by desperate men I guess.

Newt's accusation that Romney once eliminated serving kosher food to elderly Jewish residents of a nursing home is off the charts, even for Newt.  What happened was normal during a budget crunch.  What can be eliminated?  In this case it was whether or not to keep open a kosher kitchen for  8% of 200 residents.  Plans were also being looked at as to how to provide the meals by other means, ie; having them catered or brought in from a different facility.  The Jewish community objected to having the food brought in and requested additional state funding.  Romney vetoed it, the legislature overrode his veto, the  facilities kept their kosher kitchens and the anticipated savings were denied.

Ah, the devil is in the details.  Actually, the point here is whether this man, Newt, has the temperament to be president.  When things don't go his way he throws a tantrum and as do all of them, gets loose with the facts.

I listened to voters in Florida explain why they support him, the main reason being his 'vision' and willingness to stand up to 'them'.  There's nothing wrong with visions, but when they're hallucinogenic they aren't worth the time of day.

'Them', of course is Congress.  All of the promises made by the candidates are empty unless they can get Congress to go along.  Voters had best bear that in mind.  Who has the best chance?  Probably the candidate who's plans don't seem bold enough but may in fact be the most doable.

I think we're seeing the beginning of the end of Newt as a viable candidate.

Next comes Santorum.  While he's been off the trail spending time with his seriously ill child, surrogates have stepped forward to spread his gospel including a minister from Pompano Beach.  Unfortunately this minister is another shoot from the lip type who causes more trouble then he's worth.  We all know Santorum is against gay marriage but having a surrogate state that gays 'make God vomit' doesn't endear anyone! He's vociferously anti-Muslim and anti-Mormon and when speaking on behalf of a candidate, no matter how well meaning, that can be disastrous.

So that leaves Ron Paul.  Feisty Ron Paul just plodding along with his ever growing band of followers, addressing that which the others don't and won't.  If nothing more, it's an interesting dynamic.

We're going to get a bit of a respite after tonight.  It's time to see what's happening in the rest of the world?  Has Syria ousted Assad yet?  Does Iran have the bomb yet?  Has Europe sorted out it's fiscal problems yet?  Has Afghanistan imploded yet? I wonder if the candidates know.


Margie's Musings said...

Probably not. All they are interested in knowing is where "they" stand in the polls.

What a bunch of losers!

Word Tosser said...

Mitt and Ron Paul remind me of the

who knows many plodding on steady as you go, can help him.. rest just make my head shake.