Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where Has The Media Been?

The good news is we've finally been heard.  The question, however, is where the heck has the media been? Intimidated by the administration - again - or protecting it?

The last I recall reading anything about the TSA was when Texas tried to opt out of using federal screeners and were told no planes would be allowed to land or take off in the state.  Meanwhile the TSA's legalized molestation continued.

Today I saw a headline stating that Orlando is opting out.  What?  Are they gluttons for punishment?  Nope.  It seems last November the TSA froze the ability for airports to use their own security personnel because too many airports were opting for it. It had been there all along but conveniently ignored.  It appears this freeze happened about funding time.  If too many strayed from the realm of Pistole and Napolitano, the very funding of the TSA might be in jeoprodized.

Well, it's still an issue isn't it?  With the excessive groping for the most flimsy of reasons,  the yet to be determined safety of the scanners, discourtesy and thefts Congress finally came to the fore with legislation requiring the TSA to reconsider the applications they had rejected.

Of course none of the suspicions nor the accusations were true, mind you.  Just ask the TSA.  However, for the sake of propriety the pressure was applied by Republicans Mica of Florida, Issa of California and Chaffetz of Utah.  A huge hurrah for them!

Pressure by the TSA on the media to not cover the issue hasn't worked.  Congress, for a change, has!  Mr. Mica has written 200 airports informing them of their renewed opportunity.  West Yellowstone has already given the TSA the boot,  Butte is about to do the same.  Leave it to the rugged individualists of Montana to lead the way!  Now Orlando Sanford, one of the 30 most busy airports in the world is following suit.  I hope it will have a domino effect and every airport in the country gets on board.

Maybe Congress will keep up the scrutiny, find the TSA has outlived it's usefulness if it ever had any, and withdraw it's funding.  Maybe little old ladies and kids and the disabled will want to fly again.  Maybe tourism will pick up.  Hotels, resorts, restaurants, car rentals.  Maybe a slew of private sector jobs will be rejuvenated.  Maybe the media will regain some backbone.  All by calling one government agency on the carpet for it's hubris.

Wow.  I could think of several others to add to the effort.  Imagine.  Finally knowing we've been heard.  I hope it's not a one shot deal!

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Anonymous said...

Well-written, Mari! It's way past time to reel in the over zealous antics, and strike a balance between ensuring our security with some good old-fashioned common sense, leave innocent kids, seniors, etc. with their dignity intact.