Monday, April 02, 2012

The Making Of A President And A Country

As the Mega Millions drama has played itself out, I've found myself wondering just why Mitt Romney's wealth is such an issue.  He's not like "us" we're told.  He doesn't understand ordinary people.  How many people are building an elevator for their cars on their estates?  How many wives have one Cadillac, much less two?

What does it matter?  Especially when so many of us took a chance or two this past week to be just like him?  Six hundred fifty one million, nine hundred fifteen thousand, nine hundred and forty chances actually.  What does matter is that the man is financially astute.

That he has acquired wealth and lives the life he does isn't reason to disqualify him as a Presidential candidate.  Consider how we elevated Warren Buffet to near sainthood as he calls for more taxes on the rich yet hides his wealth in ways that makes his "taxable" income minuscule compared to his actual income.  Semantics?  Or a tax code the government created?

We're told Romney is a flip flopper.  Yep.  He has been.  But then there isn't a candidate currently running who hasn't been.  Is it because he isn't a great speaker, doesn't articulate his ideas well?  Take away Obama's teleprompters and his speech becomes full of hesitations and ums and ahs.  Hillary is a terrible public speaker.  So, should that count?

Sometimes I think we come down on our candidates for all the wrong reasons.  They are all going to tell us what their advisers tell them we want to hear.  Some advisers are better than others.

Picking good people has gotten to be nearly impossible.  I don't like self-piety any more than I like self-aggrandizement.  I do admire accomplishment and competence. We assumed it of Obama.  Assumptions are dangerous because they are often wrong.  Especially that one.

The more I see how the current office holder continues to avoid the responsibilities of his job when it comes to leadership, the more I worry the Koreas and the Middle East are going to become the bane of our existence.  Along with the Russians and the Chinese.  "More flexibility after the election" as told to Mr. Medvedev, should be a red flag to all of us.

Trying to intimidate the Supreme Court before a decision has even been announced on the health care mandate is arrogance beyond words.  Suggesting that to vote against his legislation is judicial activism is beyond intimidation.  He should know though, he has put two such justices on that court.

The most important aspect of the upcoming election is in what direction the country will be taken.  Do we want what we've had by virtue of staying true to our Constitution or do we want to have Chevy Volts and algae forced upon us before the technology is anywhere near ready?

Just look at those acres and acres of wind turbines covering the countryside along with the scores of dead birds at their bases and ask yourselves if we're really moving ahead or have we only been intimidated into thinking so. 


Margie's Musings said...

Mari, on this I disagree with you. I think president Obama has done remarkably well considering the terrible opposition he has had from this Congress and the terrible economy he inherited.

And as far as the health care law is concerned, we are required to participate in both Medicare and Social Security...for the public good. Just think what retirement for those of us who do not have enough income to live on at retirement would be like without Medicare and Social Security.

Right now we taxpayers are paying for the health care of those who refuse to buy insurance and those who cannot afford to buy it at the exorbitant rates insurance companies charge now.

With compulsory health care, everyone will be covered and the taxpayers will not be out of pocket with the expense of those who do not presently have health care insurance.

If the courts decide the law in unconstitutional, next they can decide Medicare and Social Security are also unconstitutional.

Anonymous said...

Somehow my coffee taste much better whenever I accompany it with a sensible post filled with substance--thank you!

Yes, Mitt Romney has some challenges; and, he isn't perfect, but can anyone else walk on water? Hopefully, he has learned to say what he means and mean what he says, because where a leopard cannot change its spots, someone with an openmind and a willingness to learn can change.

Nicely, written, Mari!

bobup799 said...

Mari, in this world of public media, I find your commentary to be reasonablel and thoughtful .One other thought, I enjoy the benefits of Medicre and Social Security, but it is voluntary. I do not have to take it.

Margie's Musings said...

I wasn't aware that Medicare and Social Security were optional. They took those premiums out of my salary every month as long as I was working.

But anyhow, car insurance is also mandatory so if the courts call the Health care plan unconstitutional, so is compulsory car insurance.

Mari Meehan said...

Auto insurance is only mandatory if you choose to drive.