Monday, May 14, 2012

Ann Romney And Motherhood Can't Seem To Win!

Well, my short hiatus is over.  I'm surprised that the royal dog house isn't full to the brim.  By browsing today's headlines alone I could fill it.

So, what has my blood pressure soaring today?  I'm torn over the fact that Henry Kissinger was made to suffer through a full body pat down by the TSA or the that Michelle Goldman of Newsweek and The Daily Beast compared Ann Romney's praise of motherhood to the actions of Stalin and Hitler.  I chose the latter though it was a tough call.  But then Mother's Day is just past.

Maybe it's because over the years I've seen few women who can do it all well.  The comments that are most offensive seem to be coming from what appear to be women in their mid-thirties or early forties.  I have no idea if they have children or not, but to suggest Mrs. Romney is 'milking' motherhood and calling it 'creepy' makes me hope they do not.

First they criticize Ann Romney for never having worked a day in her life.  They are wrongly equating stay at home Mom's with salaried positions.  If raising five boys was measured to what these women do to earn their livings, Mrs. Romney's salary would be more like her husband's than theirs!

Proud to have been a stay at home Mom, Mrs. Romney referred to it as "the crown of motherhood".  Ms. Goldberg likened the statement to an award that an authoritarian country might bestow on those having large families.  She went on to liken it to Stalin and Hitler, claiming we make up for the lack of social support or economic security for women by giving "insipid condescending praise" for motherhood.

What is insipid and condescending is that a journalist would ever suggest this about motherhood.  Mrs. Romney is talking about what she knows.  Motherhood.  If she tried to address social support or economic security for women she would be criticized for not knowing of what she speaks!

You wonder why we old fogies  worry about the future of our country?  This is a good example.  The supposedly highly trained and professional TSA agents don't recognize a man of Henry Kissinger's stature even with ticket and identification in hand and proceed to humiliate him in public and women, who are the only ones of us who can produce children, find it within themselves to insult those who choose to stay home and raise them.  I suppose they'd rather have more Octomom's out there milking the system just because they want to have kids without the ability to support them nor the desire to raise them.

Ahhh, I'm so glad I'm home.  Subject matter was just sitting there waiting for me!


Word Tosser said...

welcome back to the insanity... hope you went to vote Tuesday

Anonymous said...

Top of the Morning to you, Mari. Another thought-provoking gem I see, worthy of some round table discussion by men and women alike. The bottom line as I see it is rather than tear Mrs. Romney down for the choice she made, each side--working Moms and stay-at-home Moms--should praise the varied contributions and accomplishments of all women alike.