Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Jon Stewart - No Place To Go But Up

Not long ago a reader made a point to me after hearing commentary contrary to my own.  She heard it on the Daily Show and suggested I probably didn't watch it anyway.

I almost answered, but decided against it.  Now I will.  It's an age thing.  Or maybe maturity.  Or maybe decency.  Or maybe all of the above.

In answer to my readers query, I used to watch Stewart regularly.  His satire is top notch.  After awhile, though, I got really tired of the sophmoric humor.  He is so good he doesn't need to stoop to vulgarity to make his points.  If that's what his audience wants, then I question whether they're really interested in his take on the news or if they wait with baited breath to see if he can sink to a new low.

It seems Delta Airlines thinks he had hit bottom by pulling their ads. Kelloggs is probably going to be next.  Why? They too have been targeted for whatever reason.  Supposedly all top management was slated to get the photograph you can see by following the link.  A picture depicting a nude woman, legs spread and a nativity scene ornament between her legs.  It's being referred to as a "vagina manger."

I have no idea what the joke behind this display is but I'd not have found it funny.  It's an 'I'm old, I know' moment for me.  I've been old for a really long time because I've never seen the humor in vulgarity.

Jon Stewart is a very intelligent man.  We agree on very little politically but I still enjoyed listening to him slice and dice government idiocy.  It's disturbing to me, personally, that this is where the majority of his demographic get their news.  It is definitly skewed content.

That he is not uncomfortable about it makes me wonder what kind of a man he really is.  That he  probably earns more money doing this type of humor than if he were strictly a pundit says something about his listeners and his advertisers priorities.  Until he goes a joke too far.

And that, dear reader, is why I no longer watch Jon Stewart.


Betty said...

I don't watch Stewart any more, either. His humor can be very sophomoric, as you pointed out. I also agree that he is intelligent and can be very funny. I no longer watch Colbert, either, because he has become sillier and sillier. These two men are squandering their talents, in my opinion. I hate to see that. They've caved in to the corporations that pay them.

Margie's Musings said...

I stopped watching too. He is sometimes disgusting and at my age, I don't need that.

Word Tosser said...

couldn't agree with you two, more..