Monday, May 21, 2012

Mob Mentality

All weekend the predominant news on television was the image of police in riot gear pushing back those protesting the NATO conference in Chicago.  Too often we see the mob aftermath of protests when ever and where ever the G8 meets.  There are the the mobs surrounding the Occupy Wall Street movement complete with murder, rape destruction, drugs and filth.  It seems the one I'm going to write about deserves a different name.  Maybe a Flash Celebration rather than a Flash Mob.

It was called a Flash Mob but actually it wasn't.  It was well planned and rehearsed  by students, past and present, parents and teachers rather than spontaneous.  That takes nothing away from the mob of students that showed up at our local mall Sunday to dance their way into the hearts of all who watched.  It was in honor of a very special teacher who was retiring.

It made me stop and consider what really makes this country tick.  It's kids and those who nurture them.  Our government officials, from local on up, are often considered to be acting like children.  I've concluded they give kids a bad name.  At least kids like these.

A couple of months ago Hub and I were shopping at the mall.  As is common, displays lined the aisles.  We looked at a couple and were absolutely spellbound by what we were seeing.  It was the handiwork of students involved in the Invent Idaho program.  These kids were so far ahead of any place I've ever been it was embarrassing.

Invent Idaho's mission is to inspire, encourage and recognize students for their inventions, designs and innovations.  If you think this country has little future in things scientific, think again.

The teacher these youngsters gathered to honor is the North Idaho Region and State coordinator of the program. We noticed when we were witnessing the display how many parents were present.  They obviously were strong supporters of their kids, the program and the teacher.

It's good tonic for my old brain to be exposed to such activities.  It tells me those making an impact aren't the politicians fighting for place and power or the media who pushes the most expedient agendas, but rather those who have little time to follow the "big picture" because they're too busy earning a living as best they can, raising their families and educating their children.  Along with this senior every now and then.  It's enough to make me want to kick up my heels and dance!

I've been aware for some time now that being constantly down is self-fulfilling.  I gave up blogging about local issues long ago because of the animosity among the powers and I wanted no part of it.  I'll hold to that as far as politics are concerned, but every coin has two sides.  This is a not particularly wealthy area except when it comes to it's ordinary, everyday people.  Thanks to them there is no place richer.

Let's all dance!

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Mari!

Appreciate the link pointing to a worthwhile cause...thanks for sharing it, and enriching your readers. Am tipping my hat to these fine young people, to teachers who truly care and to parents who work hard and sacrifice for what matters--cheers!