Thursday, May 03, 2012


Finally!  As I had hoped for what seems forever, if the TSA harassed the right member of Congress something would be done about these thugs. Finally, it may actually be happening.

Not so long ago Senator Ran Paul was detained by the TSA.  Why?  He refused to be patted down after already having passed through a scanner.  It grew contentious enough that the Senator missed his flight.

The adverse publicity from that incident did not keep the TSA from continuing its invasive and humiliating pat downs, especially egregious when it came to young children, the elderly and the handicapped.

To my knowledge not one single potential terrorist has been stopped by this methodology.  I could be wrong.  The TSA doesn't release such information.

They picked the wrong Senator with Rand Paul, however. He has launched a campaign to end the TSA .   I love his quote, "It's time to end the TSA and get the government's hands back to only stealing our wallets instead of groping toddlers and grandmothers."

Every time something outrageous occurs Janet Napolitano comes out and defends her "highly trained" agents who are just following procedure.  I can't help but wonder who established procedures that included the removal of a prosthetic breast or a mother to open formula bottles thus contaminating the only food available for her baby on the upcoming flight.  We've all heard more and worse.  What kind of people supervise this kind of behavior?  What kind of people consent to engage in it?  I see nothing worth redeeming in the entire agency.

I hope if Senator Paul succeeds and gets the government out of the airport security business, the airlines review the entire process before establishing new guidelines. As with everything,  the private sector will do it better.

Think about the pluses.  While the lines won't disappear, they should be shorter.  You might be able to take more than a day's supply of shampoo with you and carry on a bottle of water.  You won't have a knot in your stomach from the time you plan your trip until you're home again because of the stress of waiting for what you know is coming.  You just don't know how bad it will be.

So here's to Rand Paul.  Go for it Senator.  I signed your petition .  I hope many of my readers will follow the link and join with me!


Word Tosser said...

driving is looking better all the time.. and now that one of the airlines wants to charge $100 for each carry on.. it just might be cheaper...
It might be slower, but it will be less stressful

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the petition off to read it-cheers!