Monday, June 18, 2012

Appeasement Impossible

Watching the happenings in the middle east is like watching a game of whack-a-mole.  One monster gets beaten down only to have another pop up.  Actually, maybe it's because of the poppies!  It certainly must be the official crop of Islamic terrorists.  What else could explain their attitude toward women and children other than ample consumption of the mind bending drugs derived from the poppies?

Of course, they could also be insecure bullies who find women and children the easiest to target in order to satisfy some inner blood lust.

The latest mole raising it's ugly head is the Taliban again.  This time they plan to withhold polio vaccines in North Waziristan (Pakistan) as payback for our drone attacks.  Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria are the only three countries where polio is still endemic.  So hit where it hurts.  The kids!

I've often thought we need to learn to think like the enemy in order to defeat them, but how, other than becoming freaked out addicts ourselves?  I have no idea.  Even if stoned I doubt their thinking would make sense to us.

Oh, I know, they're trying to intimidate us by threatening defenseless children.  The article suggests that it won't; the attacks will continue.  Just as they will in Afghanistan.  We won't suffer.  The Taliban won't suffer.  What do the kids matter?

The reasoning is that the drone attacks are turning the population into mental cases and that's worse than polio.  Gee,  I wonder if the kids with polio will buy into that theory.  Or will they be plied with opium until they quiet down.

It goes to show that the millions of dollars we've put toward eradicating polio world wide isn't nearly as important as the millions that go into their pockets.  It makes little sense to me for them to allow the endemic to continue for it will surely cut into the population of their children from where they would normally be recruiting future support.  Then again, I haven't even had a glass of wine today so I haven't a clue as to how their logic works.

The consequences of ill thought out wars never ceases to amaze me.  I see no way of appeasing people who think the way these people do.  Most societies look at their children as their future.  These people look only to themselves.  How do you combat that?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mari!

Even with a glass of wine, your logic makes more sense. Keep these though provoking post coming lady.