Friday, June 01, 2012

Creeping Big Brotherism

Maybe I should say 'creepy' big brotherism!  It seems to be everywhere in every guise one can imagine.

Let's first look at 'The Big Apple' where the only thing you'll soon be able to eat is just that.  An apple. Probably not a big one at that.  Mayor Bloomberg has taken it upon himself to be a one man food police force.  First, while not a foodstuff, still significant - tobacco.  Then he banned trans fats, salt and now sugary drinks.  Not that some of these items can do harm if consumed in huge quantities on a regular basis, but does one person or committee or whatever have the right to dictate what we can and cannot do?

Consider the politically correct movement to regulate what schools can name their sports teams.  Even the Indians cannot, in many cases, name their own teams after themselves.  It's offensive to someone, but who?  And who says?

Just recently here in Idaho a State Liquor Division administrator is refusing to stock a vodka named Five Wives?  Why?  Because it's offensive to Mormons and there are a lot of Mormons in southern Idaho.  Heck, Mormons don't even drink!  At least they're not supposed to.  Maybe the Idaho Liquor Dispensary (don't you love the name?) shouldn't operate in southern Idaho at all.

The irony of it is the vodka is distilled by Ogden's Own  in Ogden, Utah.  You can't get more into Mormon country than that!   Even more amazing is that they can't keep it on the shelves in  northern Utah!  Somewhat amazed and amused the distillery tells us it is another step in their effort to "create a portfolio of products to pay homage to the heritage of the American west".

Well, polygamy is certainly part of that heritage and most certainly in Utah!  I can't disagree there are times when segments of the population need looking after by others, but self-appointed morality police offend me.  Did the Idaho administrator poll the local Mormons to see it they indeed were offended?  I rather doubt it.

Even when the Indians said they liked the idea of a non-Indian team using an Indian term for a name, the team was still denied.  Then there are the no tolerance policies of many schools where a youngster brings a GI Joe to school and ends up suspended for having a gun.  Please!

Granted,  many people are more obese then they should be, many drink too much, kids take inappropriate toys to school but what ever happened to common sense much less self determination?

We have a problem here in America.  It starts at the top.  We think we know best and try to force others to accept our way of thinking.  We get angry when they don't.  It filters down to a New York where the people are up in arms over the actions of their mayor.  It filters down to one man's opinion about what a whole religious community thinks.  It filters down to a committee who knows better than what a whole nation (Indian) of people think.  It filters down to what a school board thinks a rational description of a gun should be.

There used to be a time when we could think for ourselves.  We'd look in a mirror when adding a few pounds and go on a diet - or not.  But it was our decision.  Not someone thinking for us.

As for me?  It's getting close to cocktail hour.  I may join Hub and have a vodka.  Heck, if he has enough he may even think he has five wives!  If I, on the other hand,  have enough he's likely not to have even one.


Margie's Musings said...

Another time we agree, Mari. I think too many people take it upon themselves to regulate what the rest of us may/can do.

Word Tosser said...

Common sense died in the 60's I believe or maybe it was the 50's.

Also you forgot to throw in the mothers who don't have enough common sense to put clothes soaps up in a cupboard.. so their kids don't think the new Tide is candy.. and sure stretch for me.. But the mothers of my generation had soap, bleach and etc. up in the cupbroad above the washer.