Thursday, June 21, 2012

Political Stench

I rarely dedicate a post to another blogger, but this is for Betty who pens A Piece of My Mind . She is about as devout a Democrat as I am not. I know she will never see things as I do and I dare say the same about her.  I like her anyway; she writes a great blog!

In one area, however, I think we might agree. Neither party seems as concerned with the country as they are of party.

I took Lawrence O'Donnell to task for his commentary on Ann Romney and her horseback riding therapy.  Betty came from an entirely different point of view.  Viva la difference!

I wonder if she will agree with me today.  First, I will say the reporter  from The Daily Caller who insisted on interrupting the President's statement on his new immigration policy was way out of line.  There is a protocol for reporters just like everyone else and he broke it.  No excuse excuses his behavior.  Like him or not, the President deserves respect.

A story out of Montana is even worse. Dana Milbank reported on it in this morning's column. It seems the Montana Republicans held their convention this past weekend. Someone, or ones, with bad taste beyond description had placed an outhouse outside the convention signed "Obama Presidential Library." It was painted to look like it was shot full of holes and inside there were fake phone numbers "For a good time" call Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and Michelle. There was also a fake birth certificate for Barack Hussein Obama.

The culprits obviously spent a fair amount of time planning, constructing and placing this monument to stupidity.  Too bad the effort couldn't have gone toward something constructive!

What makes it worse is the attitude of the state party chairman.  While finding the outhouse in "not real good taste", he also dismissed it as a "sideshow" and something he was "not going to agonize over".

Well, he should.  It reflects badly on politics in general and in this case the Republicans in particular.  When  "management" , the state chairman or Tucker Carlson  among others,  give a thumbs up or a pass to sophomoric, distasteful behavior,  it's no wonder the voting public turns a deaf ear to politics.

I love following politics but sometimes I get so sick of the outright boorishness and nastiness that comes with it I just want to turn it off.  The trouble with that is the nastiness continues whether I listen to it or not.  There are times when it just makes me feel better to call them on it rather than letting it eat at me.  No matter the party. It's a tone all too familiar from both.


Betty said...

Mari, we DO agree sometimes and today is one of those times. I'm so tired of both parties and their childishness and one-upmanship efforts.

By the way, I found out last night that the Mittster deducts the $77,000 per year cost of upkeep for the Dressage horse from his income tax. He calls it a business expense. I have a feeling you and I would agree that this just doesn't sound right.

Mari Meehan said...

If it's true that the Romney's are in partnership with two others on the horse one of two things. The trainer makes a whole lot more than my brother who teaches dressage. Or it eats a whole lot more than a normal horse! Then maybe it travels to shows in a Caddy. Who knows!

Margie's Musings said...

I read Betty's blog but seldom see any politics on it. Right now it's about her "noisy" neighbors.

I may disagree with your politics quite a bit, Mari but I still read your blog every day. Sometimes we do agree.

Word Tosser said...

And this is just the reason why I blogged last week, that I am not posting on the election any more. I have better things to do with my reamaining years. There is little that comes from me ranting except getting upset. I guess it goes to the Senerity Prayer, about doing some things you can do things about and some that you can't and knowing the difference.. My time is better spent in the yard, working dirt, laughing with my friends.. oh, I will be there in Nov. making my mark.. but posting and worrying about it until next year? nah.. laughter and yard work, being with friends.. is far better, by the way to spend my time.. by the way, we got to set up a lunch time.. lol...