Monday, July 09, 2012

It's Time To Get Tough!

Why is it we keep rewarding Afghanistan for bad behavior?  First there are the unaccounted for billions we've already given them.  Then there are the unending apologies for waging their war and training their troops for which ours get killed.

Now we have bestowed upon them the designation of 'major non-NATO ally'.  Whatever that means.  I really don't see that we are going to get anything for it.  They will get billions more.  Why are all the pledges going their way?

The President has accused Americans of having become soft.  Perhaps we have.  After all, we have his example to follow.  Where is the pledge from Karzai that he won't try to manipulate the system and run for office again?  Where is the pledge that he will stop his military from killing ours? What about furthering women's rights?  Why aren't we demanding results before we hand over the money rather than forking it over and hoping for the best?

At least the rest of the world is beginning to toughen up.  In an effort to get countries to pony up some $16 billion in development aid between now and 2015, they have put conditions on the deliverance of the money.  About 80 of them.  Let's face it, money is tight everywhere.  Pouring billions into openly rogue nations isn't sitting well with their own citizens who are in dire straits of their own.

We can only wait and see what will happen as Afghan elections get closer. The killing of our troops continues as of yesterday.  And women's rights?  How many of you watched the painfully hideous execution of a young woman while the men stood around cheering.  They pumped nine bullets into this woman who huddled helplessly.  She had been accused of adultery and had been tried and executed within in an hour of the accusation.

Money Mr. Karzai?  Not another bloody cent.  You say it was the Taliban?  They were on your soil not more than 50 miles from Kabul where you were no doubt counting your gold pieces in the security of your palace.

What can you possibly do for us?  You can't even protect your women from the monsters within your own country. Nope.  Not one red cent more. And don't expect an apology.


Betty said...

I will NEVER understand our foreign policy. Nothing seems to make sense to me. So many times, I think we're just meddling into someone else's business, trying to force them to be more like us. We're dabbling all over the world, and doing very little good and, in some cases, a lot of damage.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mari!

You kept proving time and time again that you are very wise. Hopefully, we--the USA--isn't being taken for a ride at our taxpayer's expense. Have a great week!