Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sheep And Sheep Herders

I've thought for some time we've become a nation of sheep blissfully following the siren call of our herders.

 Democrats follow Democrats because they are Democrats.  Republicans do exactly the same. For no other reason.  We've lost our willingness to consider another point of view and are content with sound bite dictums.  It's sad.

I'm seeing that it goes far beyond politics.  Consider the recent Tony Robbins event in San Jose attended by thousands.  Robbins is a motivational speaker - of sorts.  This particular gathering was to learn how to "Unleash the Power Within" so he had a firewalking party.

Firewalking?  On coals in 10 x 2.5 foot paths heated between 1200 to 2000 degrees F.  Why would anyone in his right mind do it?  To prove mind over matter?

Remember when you were a youngster and argued with your parents with a lame, "...but everyone's doing it!"  And they'd answer, "If everyone was jumping off a cliff would you do it?"  Today perhaps you would!

Politicians have learned how to manipulate people with their power.  So have motivational speakers yet they do no more than we could do for ourselves if we'd open ourselves to thinking!  

Maybe even worse than those who herd us along are those who stand by and watch.  There were emergency personnel standing by at the event and they had an open fire permit, whatever that is.  There was even a fire inspector in attendance to make sure a fire didn't get away from them.

The only thing that took leave was their sense.  Apparently they did everything required by law except use that sense.  Including the fire department who disclaimed recommending it by saying, "We discourage people from walking over hot coals," and stood by and watched while participants inflicted themselves with second and third degree burns.

In politics we know who the sheep are and the herders.  Who represents the onlookers?  The independents?  The media?  The answer, I suppose, depends on how you vote and why.


Margie's Musings said...

Not me, Mari. I am a registered Republican and have always been a Republican. I just don't like the direction the party is taking right now. Tea Party?'s the Koch brothers' party. They finance it.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Margie! Havr a great week, Mari, appreciate your thought-provoking post.