Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Picket Project - The Picket Project Searches for Honest Solutions

Please take note.

We are living in a time that will be remembered as the great transition of the 21st century. We are watching history unfold.  The economic and social earthquakes we have recently endured have shaken our beliefs, our ideologies, and our authority on a global scale – and nothing can easily undo the damage that has been done.  The consequences of these transitions are still untold; but our world, our country, and our lives will never be the same again.

As the international dynamics shift, America, which was once the brightest shining light in the darkness of a planet draped in tyranny and wreckage, has been at risk of losing its place on the global stage.  Perhaps our country will not meet the same fate as the failed empires of the past, but we can’t rule it out – too many trend lines are pointing the wrong direction.  Satisfaction with government has been justifiably at an all time low, while ideological tension seems to be destroying our chances of recovering from this crisis.

Politically divided, we are in desperate need of leaders who will show us the way forward, to transition into the 21st century America we were destined to be, and to lead the world again in tackling the challenges we all share together. Unfortunately, in our time of need, our current politicians have failed us.

The time has come to decide.

However, election season has arrived, and everything will be different this time:
  • All of the House of Representatives’ seats are ripe for the taking.
  • 33/100 Senate seats are open for election
  • And 1 presidential seat is in jeopardy.
This year, we will elect politicians who can win the hearts and minds of all sides of the debate, and form meaningful compromises that cut budgets, lower taxes, protect our safety nets, invest in the future, and protect our freedom…


Unless, of course, we elect a singled-focused government which takes a no-compromise approach to solving our political problems.

Maybe the election will result in a new president and a majority who are focused on smaller, less costly, and more accountable government. One which begins to roll back the socialist experiment which has caused overspending on our long overdue credit and propped our entire country up against a house of cards; a house which will inevitably share the Greek, Portuguese, Irish, Spanish, and Italian fate.

Or maybe still, we will elect those who recognize that the US government can borrow at record low interest rates.  At a time where our infrastructure is failing, our schools are broken, and so many people are out of work, every dollar invested in our future can give back $2 in return.  We will protect our environment, our vulnerable, and have an advanced economy which provides opportunities for all; repaying our debt through decreasing wasteful spending and raising taxes.

Whichever we choose, when this election finishes, the American people will have finally spoken – and the new leaders we elect will know what we have elected them to do.  They will come in focused, and ready to serve their country in a meaningful, productive way…

… unless they don’t.

Instead, we just may elect an ideologically focused, divided congress.  A congress that trades beneficial compromises for trench warfare political maneuverings.  One which forces another gridlocked government while we postpone our economic and social recovery until next election.

Which do you believe will happen?

We need to pull our country out of this economic slump.  We need to turn our government into something that works for everyone: efficient and just.  But if we do not clearly state for ourselves how this should be done, we force our politicians to decide for us.  We should not allow the politicians to dictate America’s future alone.

If our political system cannot find a path forward, we at the Picket Project will be working towards finding methods in which mutually beneficial compromises can be had.  We believe that the polarity our nation faces contains underlying truths which cannot be ignored and that the best solutions are found through understanding these truths and leveraging them.  We will be searching for new and creative ideas that can bring our country back together.  Searching for compromises which can bridge the divide between us.  We at the Picket Project will be searching for honest solutions, because they are needed now more than ever.

Over the next few weeks we will be publishing weekly posts contributing to the blog series: “Debate Politics and Social Issues- Picket Project”.  A new post will be online every Thursday morning with a follow up post which will further the content of the previous publication.  This follow up post will be published on the following Monday and will include:
  • Further detail of the topics discussed in Thursday’s post
  • Responses to Thursday’s post based on reader’s comments and collaborations
  • Brief insight into the new post coming later in the week
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Hello Mari!

Cheers to you and the noble ideals of the Picket-Pocket looking forward to it. Enjoy your week! Real solutions is a good thing.