Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Job To Die For

The political focus, for the time being,  has shifted to Paul Ryan, his thoughts on monetary policy, the President's stash of beer on his bus and Biden's claim the Republicans are going to put us back in chains.  Ah, how uplifting.

Meanwhile back to the wars.  Syria's death toll in its civil war is now over 20, 000.  I find it interesting how a single word can have such different meanings.  On one hand a civil war means it involves everyday citizens of the same country.  On the other hand, if you take it as meaning courteous and polite, there is nothing 'civil' about it!  About any war.

However, the middle east remains drenched in blood.  Fourteen suicide bombers killed 46 people in Afghanistan today alone.  If there is an upside, Karzai can't blame us for the deaths.  Unless he decides we're not training his people well enough.  But then they're so busy killing us it's a difficult task at best.

It's hard to keep track of who's doing the most damage - the Taliban or al Qaeda.  All we know for sure the various religious factions don't like each other any better than they like us.

If you think it's something we don't have to take seriously as long as we're pulling out in two years, think again.  First, two more years and how many more fatalities? Even one more American is too many.  It is said Paul Ryan wants to stay and finish the job.  Well, basically it is finished.  We aren't going to win it.  They are determined to get us out of the way so they can have at one another unobstructed.  Obviously they're tired of waiting.

Consider this.   The Times of Israel reports al Qaeda has run an ad for suicide bombers.  Honest.  If that isn't taking their mission seriously I don't know what is.  Basically takers will be self-employed after having been given proper training.  They will be given the freedom to plan the attack against  a pre-selected target.  They won't have to give their real name, just a few details on languages they speak and passports they hold.  Little stuff.

Openings seem to be just about everywhere.  The ad states the area of activity is the planet earth.  Could that include us?  Don't discount it!

It doesn't mention salary but than most want ads don't.  They do usually claim to be competitive.  I'll bet!  One last assurance for the would be recruit is the promise of 'a very slight chance of being caught'. Or ever getting a raise.

I know jobs are in short supply these days and it's a big issue in this country.  I, however, wouldn't be caught dead even considering this line of work.  There's no career path.  No future.

In all seriousness though.  We can't afford to overlook foreign policy.  This is world wide recruitment, make no mistake.  Planet earth.  Where will the next 46 deaths be?

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Margie's Musings said...

We need to stop fighting and start practicing Jesus' type of training. Remember it? We need to negotiate our way out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Some wars are just unwinnable and that is another one of them. It's an even longer running Viet Nam. Of course the military doesn't want us out of there. The generals are not the ones dying over there. They just run the wars.