Monday, August 20, 2012

Cavemen In Congress

 Picture the caveman dragging a woman by her hair with one hand and wielding his club with the other.  How often have you see that caricature?  Don't you wish that's all it was?  A caricature? Don't you wish we didn't have any such caricatures in Congress?

But we do.  This time it's Representative Todd Akin, Republican from Missouri.  He's anti-abortion.  No matter the circumstances which might have caused a pregnancy - like rape.  After all, he tells us, he understands from doctors that pregnancy resulting from rape is really rare and that if it's a 'legitimate' rape a woman's body can sense it and halt the pregnancy.

I'm not going to get into the breast beating about the horrors of rape and how demeaning this is to women.  Enough others are handling that.  What I wonder is how a grown man, regardless of his occupation, can be so ill informed this day and age!  What's worse is that he actually seems to believe it!  Whew!

I'll be generous and assume he misunderstood the doctors with whom he spoke.  If I weren't being generous I'd assume he spoke to no one, what's more a doctor, because this is what he wants to believe for what ever reason. Apparently it doesn't have to be based on fact, but then politicians have trouble with facts all the time.

He even supported rewording circumstances for federally funded programs to provide abortions only for  cases of  'forcible' rape versus 'ordinary' (my word) rape such as statutory rape.  I don't blame women for being upset.  I don't blame every one who is upset for being upset.  And I fully support every one who is calling for him to step down from the senatorial race against Claire McCaskill.  He should step down from office, period.

What apalls me most though is that he is a congressman in the first place.  He helps make the laws we live with.  I've often complained that too many in congress are totally ignorant of the subject matter and blind to the potential unintended consequences of the legislation they write and pass.

There is no better example of ignorance than this.  Yet he resists stepping down.  He is either monumentally stupid, monumentally arrogant or both. This affront to intellect has no party boundaries.  Both sides have members of an equal level.  It's just that Akin is the most recent to put his foot in it.  Don't accept the apology.  He doesn't mean it.

Don't reward him with any more time in office.  He doesn't deserve it.  And we can't afford him or any more like him.


Betty said...

He co-authored a bill in Congress with Paul Ryan, in which just that wording was used, until they decided to take it out. Not that they didn't believe all the nonsense, just they knew the bill wouldn't pass the way it was worded at first.

Bet you don't hear about that on Fox News.

Mari Meehan said...

Actually I haven't been to FOX News today but I read that Hannity asked for him to step aside. Shouldn't everyone? I'm not thrilled with the Ryan/Romney stand on this either but that's another day.

Margie's Musings said...

The man is a complete idiot. I'm not a fan of abortion but that's a woman's decision regardless. I get so sick of men trying to tell us what we can do with our bodies.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Mari!

Hopefully by this time tomorrow Mr. Akin would have found the courage to accept some responsibility for his actions. Enjoyed reading your post--no great surprise...keep 'em coming...have a great week!