Friday, August 24, 2012

Tom Friedman Identifies The Missing Piece in Political Discourse

Ever since Tom Friedman started winning Pulitzer Prizes  he has become the poster child for those who know everything about everything, whether correct or not, and he never lets us forget.

I usually give short shrift to his postulations but when I saw his New York Times opinion piece calling for a 'Conservative Party' I took notice.

A call for a third party by a figure of some note blew my mind.  Whether or not I agree with his theories on anything is beside the point.  On this issue he is on the mark.  His piece takes you another place than what I'm writing, so I urge you to read it.  I am going to merely address his point that in order to have serious political debate  the Republican 'conservatives'  need to separate themselves from the radicals - the Tea Party.  Unless they do so there will be no cohesive opposition to Obama. The Republican house is more divided than Obama's.

I disagree with him as to who exactly the conservatives are.  I see them as synonymous with the tea party.  The conservatives he refers to are the old school Republicans we now refer to as moderates and have tagged as RINOs.  Republicans in name only.

He says much the same about the Democrats though he doesn't seem to see as much of a gap between the far left and the center left.  I disagree with him on this point too.  Where I do agree is that the centers of both parties would do well to get together with the independents and stray Libertarians and form their own party. One committed to serious debate on issues and policy and a willingness to compromise.  You know, government the way it used to be until we started electing ideologues with blinders.

There are many attempts being made to get such a movement going.  The problem I've found so far is that there has been more discussion than action.  Part of the reason, I think, is because no one with national name recognition has joined in the effort.  At least no one with   solid credentials no matter which way they lean.  Mr. Friedman does lean.  Left.  But he also recognizes that the country is going in the wrong direction,  pinpoints a reason why and suggests a solution.

What a way to end the week.  No matter how short lived this may be, no matter how much I disagree with Mr. Friedman on other topics, I feel a weight lifted.  That someone who is a recognizable name and is nationally known finally has the fortitude to tell it as it is wafts over me like a fresh breeze. Ahhhh.  I had forgotten how good it can feel!

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