Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Uncovering The Truth

Do we have a right to expect our Presidents to be paragons of integrity?  If so we're being failed by both the presidential candidates.

 Let's look at the current 'swiftboating' of Romney on his tax returns.  Many have advised him to release them.  Having had the presidency as a target for some time he should have known this would be asked of him.

Let's assume Harry Reid is blowing smoke and Romney has paid taxes over the past ten years.  I expect he has.  Is he hiding something or just afraid we'll not understand what we'll find?  That is my guess.  I suspect we'll find he paid the least amount allowed under law.  I suspect he's afraid it will intensify the already already viral 'it isn't fair' rant from the liberals.  I'd like to think we voters are better than that.  After all, how many of us don't take every deduction we're allowed?  I won't even start on those who pay nothing and scream the loudest.  But the resistance creates an exploitable opportunity and it's not being wasted by the Democrats.

That being said, Obama has his secrets too.

Let's go to his college transcripts and all else involved in the admission process.  Why is he keeping them hidden?  If his grades were less than stellar he'd not be alone among the presidential ranks.  There must be something else.  Why do so few classmates remember him?  If he got poor grades at Occidental before transferring, how did he get in to a school like Columbia?  Affirmative action?  There's no crime there.  How did he pay for it coming having come from modest means?  Scholarships?  Doubtful with poor grades.  What?

One thing I did not know before looking into this is he was adopted in Indonesia by his mother's second husband, Lolo Soetoro. According to Wayne Allyn Root , a classmate, he went by the name of Barry Soetoro at that time.

I haven't bought into the idea he wasn't born in the United States.  I am even willing to assume he didn't give up his U.S. citizenship when he was adopted - he was only around 6 years old.

So what's the question?  A self-admitted pothead with poor to mediocre grades transfers into an Ivy league school.  Mr. Allen speculates he could have used his Indonesian background to gain admission and financial aid much as Elizabeth Warren has used her high cheekbones to assume being Cherokee for similar purposes.  Rules for foreign exchange students are different than those for the rest of us.  For the sake of 'diversity' they often receive preferential treatment.  Quotas and all that nonsense that has nothing to do with education.

I'm not advocating any conspiracy theory but there has to be an reason those records have been sealed.  If he used unscrupulous means to get into prestigious universities we have a right to know.  Would it matter?  I don't know what other voters might think, only what I would.  What I do know is that I'd rather have that question answered than see Romney's tax returns.

 Sealing records is just as suspect as unwillingness to release tax returns. If either or both are hiding truths than neither should be President.  Either or both will have betrayed the public trust.

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