Monday, September 10, 2012

Let's Not Forget The Others Running For Office

The pollsters are polling, the surrogates are sniping and the candidates striving to hit just the right pitch.  It really isn't going to matter which man wins unless we get the right people in Congress.  If we don't, it will be the usual stalemate complete with name calling and finger pointing and nothing getting done.

I don't mean a Republican majority nor a Democratic majority.  What we need are men and women who are willing to work together and get something concrete done.  What a tired cliche that has become!

It is said we need more taxes.  That's probably true if for no other reason than the cost of doing the country's business is going up.  Just like tending to our own.  Food, gas, all that stuff equates with the cost of building and upgrading infrastructure.  It's getting more expensive.  Understand that taking more from the rich isn't the answer.  Nor is making those who pay nothing pay something going to solve the whole problem.  There needs to be a formula to incorporate both so everyone has a stake in the taxing process.  That's fair.  The Robin Hood method is not.

It is said we're spending more than we bring in.  True.  But understand, even cuts are going to take time to make a dent in the debt.  Plus, we all spend more than we take in.  At least you do if you have a mortgage or a car payment.  You owe.  Period.  How long does it take for you to clear your debt? A while.

We're over regulated.  True, but that doesn't mean every regulation is bad.  There needs to be oversight to keep those with the power to regulate from running amok. No unelected official should be without oversight.  The elected officials have it - us.

I worry about large majorities in either house.  I especially worry about one party holding both houses and the Presidency.  Obama wasted an opportunity when he had both for two years.  I guarantee he won't make that mistake again should that be the outcome this cycle.

I feel just as strongly about the Republicans.  Both sides have too many extreme ideologies that would be far too easy to push through.  Look at how Obama got Obamacare through.  Once is enough.  Do we really want people who have a grasp of rape like Representative Akin writing abortion legislation?  I think not.

I have the feeling things will change dramatically if Romney loses.  I think we will see the demise of the Republican Party as we know it today.  And maybe the Democrats to go along with it. The far left and the far right will go their own way. It just may bring about the third party many of us would like to see.  Somewhere along the line some one, or few, or many, will have the gumption to say, "Enough! I don't agree with this and I'm not going to back it!"

We recently had a very prominent member of our community change her voting registration from Republican to unaffiliated.  She just got tired of being backed into supporting positions with which she disagreed all for the sake of the 'party'.

If  a prominent member of the community, one which is heavily Republican, has the fortitude to do so and make it public, why not a politician?  Surely there must be some who care more about their country than their 'career'.

The country needs such people to step forward, regardless of affiliation, and stand together.  I think they'd be surprised how many of we voters would stand with them!


Betty said...

In a stunning development, I agree with everything you said. Mari? Mari? Did you faint? lol

Mari Meehan said...

Be still my heart! Betty, you never cease to amaze me, but I do love it when we can agree!

Margie's Musings said...

It's hard to believe but I agree too.

I have always believed the partys should work together for the good of the country but no one seems to care about the good of the country anymore.

I also do not believe one party should dominate. It's always best of one party is in the presidency and another dominates congress. But lately that has not worked out at all.

I am ready for someone else. Someone new.

Anonymous said... guys are cute :)

Also, wouldn't it be absolutely encouraging if the pols valued the concept of public service more than self advancement? And, let's be fair and note, there's nothing wrong with self-advancement with the best interest of the public in mind.

Word Tosser said...

I agree with all... so it looks like we are all fed up with politics as it is now.. So much of me wants to write in...NONE OF ABOVE..

John Dwyer said...

The Republicans in congress have truly become outliers; the Democrats are bad enough but not in the same league as the Republican obstructionists. Therefore I believe the only combination of legislators that will result in compromise after some intelligent discussion will require a Republican president and a Democratic legislature (both houses). The Senate will need 60 Democrats to stop fillibusters.