Friday, October 19, 2012

Whoopsie, Whoopie

This post ties in with yesterday's when I wrote about Presidential dignity.  It goes even further than how the candidates present themselves, but also how the media refers to them and their families. The question is, I guess, if a candidate behaves with the dignity the office deserves, will the media react with the respect also deserved?  So far respect is sorely lacking.

Case in point was Lawrence O'Donnell bragging about calling Mitt Romney a liar and challenging Tagg Romney to fisticuffs following a remark made in jest after the last debate about wanting to punch Obama for calling his Dad a liar.

Ohhh, big man O'Donnell.  You chastising Tagg for his trust fund and the privileged life he has lead.   What do you make sir?  I'd wager at least a couple of million or more. Wouldn't all the 'middle class' workers you shill for like to make as much? I'm getting tired of all these TV commentaters complaining about the wealthy while most of them are right up there themselves.  How hypocritical can you get?

Then there was Whoopie grilling Ann Romney of The View over Mitt not serving in Viet Nam.  He was serving his mission.  And the fact none of her sons served in the military.  And wasn't it against their religion.  It isn't.  And wouldn't it be hard to face the parents of fallen service men because there is no blood of war on the hands of her men.

Never mind that while governor of Massachusetts Mitt attended the funeral of every fallen service man that came home.  How many has Obama attended?  How many times has he gone to the airbase when they've arrived?

I don't see where such confrontational dialog serves any purpose.  If it's to make who you're referring to feel uncomfortable, I'm sure you've succeeded.  If it's to make you look witty and clever, it hasn't.  It makes you look small minded and nasty.  It is anything but enlightening unless it's about yourself.  It's demeaning, yes, to yourself.  Was that your intent?  If so then you did succeed.

By the way, Bill Clinton didn't serve in the military. How many funerals did he attend?

When Obama went to Andrews to meet the plane bringing back our men from Benghazi, Pat Smith, mother of dead Seal Sean, said this about her encounter with the President.
...She also said she cried on Barack Obama's shoulder. He hugged her and "looked away".
I wouldn't be too hasty to give Obama an A in compassion.  Oh, by the way.  He didn't serve in the military either.


Betty said...

What about Tagg's lack of respect for the President? And, isn't it reasoable to assume that Obama looked away from the mother of dead seal to keep her from seeing his own? Whoopi asked if it was against the religion of Mormons to serve. She mentioned that she had heard that it was, and since Romney got four deferments and went on a mission to France (a dirty job, but somebody had to do it), the question was legitimate.

It's easy to assume the worst about a candidate we don't like.

Margie's Musings said...

I agree, Betty. The president does the best he can under very difficult circumstances.

I believe much of the criticism he receives is racist based but those people just can't say that because it's politically incorrect.

We didn't come out of the great depression in 4 years either. It took the second world war to finally dig us out of that morass.

This was very close to another great depression and it will take more time to recover from this one too.

Romney's policies, as well as his religion, scares me to death.

I'm sure he is a good man but entirely too detached from the common man to be good for the common good.

Tommy said...

What I find interesting about these Presidents that have not served in the military, is that when elected they become "Commander in Chief" of the military.

Go figure.

Margie's Musings said...

Many men have not served in the military. That should not be a criteria. Besides citizen leaders make those military decisions anyhow with recommendations from the military leaders.