Friday, November 09, 2012

Bad News For Joe

I cannot help but wonder how the human mind works.  The ballots have barely been counted and the sparring between the two parties continues at full speed.  The new term is still a couple  of months away and the mess of the one finishing up is getting worse by the minute.

David Petraeus has resigned because of an affair?  The Benghazi mess is still unexplained.  Iran is taking target practice at our drones and the President is getting ready to flit off to Myanmar while political bickering in the Northeast is preventing life from getting back to some semblance of normal.

Nothing unexpected.  I do wonder if anyone will have buyer's remorse before this term is over but knowing what I now know about the intellect of the American electorate, I doubt it.

Some things, however, pay no mind and merrily go on their way.  Pollsters. Public Policy Polling is already looking at 2016.  Please!  I had a look anyway and offer my thoughts.

Leading the pack are Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie.  Sorry Joe. You'll have to get rid of Hillary!

It's way too early in the game, but if the election were being held today, which the pundits love to say, this is how I see it.  Hillary is toast because of her involvement in the Benghazi affair.  One of her own was murdered and they have yet to get a story they can agree on as to how and why it happened. She took responsibility early on and now owns it.

Chris Christie is toast not only because of his weight being a potential health issue but because of his cozying up with Obama.  When he personally congratulates the President on the phone yet commiserates with his own candidate by e-mail one could question where his loyalty lies and his judgement.

Actually this is kind of fun because it doesn't mean a thing.  2016 is a long way off.  Some  who showed well in this poll are people who've made it clear they aren't interested.  There are some surprises too, heartening to me, of those who were deemed unfavorable.  On the Republican side Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum.  Those folks are all considered 'true' conservatives which means social issues are foremost on their agendas.

On the Democratic side several want-to-be's trailed Biden including Andrew Cuomo, Elizabeth Warren and Deval Patrick.

It leaves me wondering if we're doomed before we even get to the gate!  One is already headed to Iowa for a fund raiser - Marco Rubio.  He might think twice about jumping the gun though.  I can remember candidates who practically lived in Iowa and literally failed in the first round.  Chris Dodd comes to mind.  Rick Santorum is another. Jon Huntsman tried it in New Hampshire.

Oh well, while I'm wiling away the unpredictable I might as well invest in some wishful thinking.  A Republican Party that finds itself or a totally new party for the likes of me and some new names who have not yet been contaminated by the hand of political expediency. I can dream, can't I? 

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