Sunday, December 02, 2012

Go Ahead! Jump!

I'm not sure the Republicans are beyond help, but they sure don't appear to be very savvy with this fiscal cliff business.

Even those within the party are encouringing the leadership to go over.  Actually, they should.  Two things will happen.  More people will be paying taxes thereby having a stake in the game which isn't all bad.  And if the Republicans really want their spending cuts this is the only way they're going to get them.

Let's face it.  Obama isn't going to negotiate with them.  He's too busy campaigning in front of adoring crowds.  He doesn't like to negotiate.  He won't negotiate.  Nothing new there.  He feels he has the right to do whatever he wants no matter what the laws may say, no matter that not everyone thinks his way is the best way. It's how he does things. I can't imagine the Republicans really think he's going to do things differently now than he has in the past four years.

He's actually thumbing his nose at them.  Oh, he'll address cuts later just give him the taxes now and by the way he and he alone will decide on when and how much to raise the debt ceiling. I'd have laughed in Geitner's face when he delivered that gem.

What they need to do is say loud and clear there is no good faith negotiation, the President isn't going to participate in any compromise then lay out exactly what they want. When accused of bluffing, deny it and mean it.  For all those clamoring for spending cuts, there they are.  Everyone will survive the tax increases as unpleasant as they may be. I know we'll get hammered but we'll adjust.  When the economy takes another dip and jobs fail to appear the Republicans can then point out they put their offer on the table and were responded to with a demand, not a meeting of minds.  That can't happen unless two sides are willing and as is typical with this administration, they want it their way and only their way.

When you look at those demands, why would any one agree to them?  It's just piling on more of the same that hasn't worked in the past four years.  So come on Republicans, quit pussy footing around.  Quit meeting behind closed doors.  Bring it all out in the open so we can see everything offered up by both sides.

Then maybe tweeting our congressional reps might be worth while.  Just jump.

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marlu said...

I do disagree with your assessment of the situation.

For four years the president has reached out to the Republican party. They weren't even coureous enough to attend a meeting at the White House in the first days. They have blocked everything he has tried to do - even when some of the ideas were theirs to begin with.

A big difference of opinion here.