Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tooth Fairy

Let's set the stage here.  You're an attractive woman.  You're married and have kids.  You've been at the same job for ten years - with the same boss.  You were considered an excellent employee. You're fired.

Not because you're a woman mind you, but you've suddenly become a danger to said bosses marriage because he finds your "tight" clothing provocative and he might be inclined to try to start an affair.  Inclined to try?

And it's all perfectly legal, at least in Iowa.  The court rules it's about family values, not gender.  It's about preserving a marriage.  Never mind that the wife who also works in the office found the two were texting one another and demanded the woman be fired.  Never mind too that the texts were inconsequential things about kids and such.  In this day and age, for heavens sake don't text a good looking employee!  If she had been ordinary would it have mattered?

A couple of thoughts come to mind.  I go to the dentist regularly and I've yet to see beyond lab coats, eye shields and masks enough of anyone to lure me into an affair.

I will concede that office personnel do see one another out of 'uniform' upon coming and going and maybe lunch breaks so physical attributes may be more apparent.  However,  if someone was incredibly attractive I can't imagine it would take ten years for lust to bubble to the surface.  If she was dressing inappropriately, I'm sure the wife wouldn't have taken ten years to notice either.

The whole scenario seems ludicrous to me.  The dentist is a bit slow on the uptake here and so is his wife.

Even more ludicrous is the idea that a seven man panel of judges would side unanimously with the dentist, terming it "irresistible attraction".  Especially when no inappropriate behavior was ever displayed by the employee. Talk about arrested development on the part of the judicial! Spare me from patriarchal societies.  The Mideast is bad enough.  We don't need them here.

As for the horny dentist it might be time to grow up and curb his appetites.  Hanky panky in the work place is nothing new.  One usually has to engage in it, however, before being fired.  General Petraeus may be able to explain it better than I can.

For it to be legal to terminate someone for an unacted upon prurient dream is beyond my comprehension.  This in Iowa, a stronghold for Christian Conservatives yet a place where gay marriage is legal.  It's obviously also a place where "family values" can be shaped just about any way you want.

Except if your a good looking woman with a man child for a boss.


Margie's Musings said...

That simply blows my mind, Mari.

Word Tosser said...

brings new meaning to lusting in one's heart...
They ever think that the gal might think the boss might be undesirable? but I guess the women's side doesn't matter..