Saturday, January 12, 2013

New York's Surgeon General - Oops, Mayor

There was a time I loved New York City.  Hub worked in mid-town and I often met him after work for an evening on the town. We could pretty much go where we wanted and dine where we wanted and eat what we wanted.

If you needed a doctor, the police were Johnny on the spot to help get one.  You could smoke where you wanted.  Heck, you could smoke, period.  If you had a baby you could have it fed formula and if in pain, a doctor could prescribe relief.

Not so much any more.  If there is any one man in America trying to dictate how we live more than the President, it is the mayor of New York City. The Big Apple.  One a day is supposed to keep the Doctor away - unless he's the mayor and it's where you live! We all know about his war on sugary drinks.  We know of his war on formula in favor of breast milk and now he is waging war on pain medications.

These are pretty lofty ambitions for one who has no medical degree.  I wonder if he could be cited for practicing without a license.  Surgeon General seems to fit though since he is waging so many wars.  I'm not sure the mayor is the one to be doing it.

There is a problem with people becoming addicted to pain meds.  I'm on one and very aware of what I can and cannot do.  Could I rid myself of it I would.  I will be looking for alternatives again at my next physical. Maybe some aren't as diligent as I am to stay out of trouble, but I don't think his scenario of what happens is accurate.

You go to the emergency room like I did a few years back after we rolled our car on black ice.  I had been pretty well bounced around within a steel box and ached all over.  I was given pain meds which I took for a couple of days.  The mayor contends that the remainder of that prescription will go in a drawer where anyone can find and abscond with it. Or that I'll take the remainder and become addicted.

Granted I don't live in New York, but that prescription from the hospital wasn't large enough on which I could get hooked.  That would be up to my local doctor and he wouldn't be prescribing more unless I needed them. Yeah.  I could lie, but if I'm not hooked it's unlikely.  I don't know many who want to get hooked.

As for those left overs.  Local police departments will take them off your hands and see that they are properly destroyed.

Mr. Bloomberg's suggestion that a patient in unnecessary pain is a small price to pay to prevent such misuse is insane.  But then many demigods are.

First we have Obamacare foisted upon us by those in Washington.  Now local entities want to jump on the band wagon.

Leave medical and other health issues to those who have studied them.   And forget rationing unless it's your own intrusive inanities.  It's way beyond the realm of governing unless you consider dictating acceptable.

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