Friday, March 08, 2013

Grumpy Old Men

Wow!  McCain and Graham cannot win for losing this week.  This must be foreign territory for the political Bobbsey Twins!  I couldn't be happier.  I hate sanctimonious politicians and these two personify it and they're not handling it well.

After the Rand Paul filibuster, the Twitter world would have you believe that just maybe the Republicans are finding a voice.  Of course one incident does not a revitalized party make, but it's a start.  Especially when colleagues have the courage to come forward in support.

But these two!  Mocking the effort and calling the participants "wacky birds" doesn't make Paul and his associates look wacky, but rather McCain and his!  It is no secret that the Republicans are split.  It's also correct that neither side of the split has a monopoly on being correct as to the direction the party should go.

One reason I was against McCain when he ran for President was his age and his grasp of things he should have had and did not.  Even something as simple as knowing how to send an e-mail.  His war record is long past and while it should be appreciated for what it was, it doesn't come with a lifetime pass to act stupidly.

As for Mr. Graham, he's good with platitudes.  Occasionally I will catch him on Greta and find he does a very consistent sidestep when pressed on why things are not getting done.  A silver tongue and a reasonably pleasant persona is not a substitute for straight answers.  Of all people he should know that since he's still waiting for straight talk on Benghazi.

Times change.  There comes a point when people don't.  I'm going through that phase myself.  I'm having a difficult time reconciling what I've known and believed for most of my adult life with new attitudes and ways of accomplishing things.  Politically, though, there should be one constant and that should be the Constitution, no matter your age or party.  When you begin to think that those 'youngsters' don't know anything and you know everything, it's time to go.

If you believe in the principles of the Republican Party, then discuss your issues in private.  You're supposed to be on the same page here.  What you're doing is magnifying the split and looking petty along with it. You aren't all knowing and don't hold all the cards any more.

If you can no longer serve with dignity and grace perhaps it's time to retire with dignity and grace. Showing yourselves as petty and pathetic would be a sad way to see once distinguished careers come to an end. And end they will.  Sooner rather than later if it isn't understood that rigidity and change aren't compatible.


Linda said...

Lindsey Graham faces re-election in 2014 & is running scared the Tea Party will challenge him in the primary. McCain is his protector. Given the mean spirit of these twins in recent days it seems out of step that Graham suggested & invited the guests for the president's dinner party. I'm still puzzled about how that fits in the big picture. I used to like Graham but hardly recognize him these days. McCain is a grumpy, angry, old man and he's been that way since losing the election in 2008. It's been a long slog putting up with him since then. His re-election time comes in 2016, he'll be 80, it's time for him to go. I've lost respect for him since 2008 and I think a lot of his Republican colleagues have as well.

I want you to write about Texas' newest Senator Ted Cruz. Also Texas' freshman representative, Steve Stockman.

Mari Meehan said...

My guess is the twins are searching for their lost footing and because of it are playing both sides against the middle. And losing I might add.

As for the White House, I think they know which Republicans can likely be rolled due to ego. Graham and McCain head the list.