Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Napolitano - Forever Faithful

Long before the administration put out the memo telling department heads they need to make sequester cuts painful because they've already said they would be, Secretary Napolitano was already out there.

Lines at the airports would be painfully long, traffic controllers would be off the job, the borders were already less secure.  All by design of course, not by necessity nor even in truth.  Such is the way of those who choose to follow blindly.

I dare say the underlings in this administration have adopted as their anthem I Will Follow Him from Sister Act.
                          I will follow Him
                          Follow Him wherever He may go,
                          And near Him, I will always be
                          For nothing can keep me away,
                          He is my destiny.

 For the President indeed is their destiny.  Without him they are doomed to an existence of invisibility.

Arne Duncan was bad enough, but Napolitano wins the prize for best of breed for Presidential lapdog.  With her insistence that the draconian measures foisted upon us by her department are vital to our safety, why are they now suddenly being altered?  Knives, with less than three inch blades, are now going to be allowed on flights.  As of April 25th mind you. So are pool cues, hockey sticks and ski poles.  In the cabin as carry on items.

I breath a sigh of relief knowing box cutters and bottled water will still be verboten. I mean how much damage can a 3 inch knife blade or the point on a ski pole do?  Suddenly these items are safe?  Yes they are.  And because they are the agents can focus more closely on finding the really dangerous stuff like explosives.  Oh, yes, there was also some international pressure.  To be sure!

Back to the point of the sequester. The scare tactics are being employed to stall or negate minuscule budget cuts.  I might suggest doing away with the entire department.  Put the Coast Guard back with Defense, the Border Patrol to where ever it came from and everything else with the agencies that were raided to form this monstrosity in the first place.  There must be a few bucks that would be saved with such a move.

And one more thing that might help. Cancel the order for the $50 million worth of new uniforms! Along with their new bomb resistant vehicles and ammunition stockpiles. Some of those uniforms are to be manufactured in Mexico. If the President wanted revenue he could have them manufactured here but I guess since it wouldn't be considered a tax on the rich it doesn't count.  Don't worry, though.  It will be painful for the agents.  Replacements will be on them and they'll have to provide their own shoes.  Black leather. Non-slip soles. Ouch.

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