Tuesday, April 09, 2013

For One Brief Shining Moment...

It saddened me to see the hateful celebrations in Great Britain over the death of Margaret Thatcher.  I looked at the age of those shouting with glee and swilling champagne.  They all looked to be in their twenties or early thirties.  My guess few if any were alive, or if they were they were very young, when Mrs. Thatcher was in her heyday. I think a piece of scripture fits the situation best, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

I doubt we'll see the likes of these four individuals again.  They came together at the right moment in time and changed the course of history.  I was there.  I was witness to it.  I listen to the lame questions being asked by our current pundits of people who knew Margaret Thatcher personally and wonder if this is the best we can do this day and age.  It's no wonder we are so poorly informed.  But then we don't demand better.  Is it because we no longer realize there is, or was, better?

You know what made each and every one of them so great?  They cared for the people first. They believed in themselves and they didn't suffer fools kindly.

Since this is Mrs. Thatcher's moment let me address a few thoughts. One, Hillary Clinton, though she once compared herself to the iron lady, is no Margaret Thatcher. In response to that comparison, Mrs. Thatcher said, "She's not in the least like me; I know because I'm not in the least like her!"

Unlike Hillary who until her husband left politics rode his coat tails, Margaret Thatcher is a self made woman who fought for everything she achieved.  I think one of the most telling things about her is she never used gender as an explanation or an excuse for anything.  She didn't even like feminists.

It's a trap many women are falling into that isn't much different than racism. The glass ceiling, unequal pay and in reality the unequal benefits that bring a large part of it about because women insist they can have it all.  She showed what one can do with a good education, drive and ability.  Without all three the odds of any one's success diminishes. Regardless of race or gender.

Who is on the horizon to take their places?  No one currently running for President nor any of the past few since Reagan.  Whether or not you liked his politics, he was a leader.

The Soviets have done nothing but backslide to men of dictatorial persuasion.  Perhaps the most effective Prime Minister since Ms. Thatcher was Tony Blair but he wasn't strong enough to stand on his own when the President decided he didn't need a British lap dog.

The Pope?  I have high hopes for Francis but it's too soon to tell.  He has a lot on his plate within his church without having to worry about the state of the world too.

Can Hillary earn her place?  I don't know.  I have to get beneath her burning ambition to understand what drives it.  Is it merely personal?  Does she just want to be the first female President?  Or is she sitting on yet to be revealed policies that will forward the country to where it once deserved to be. As the leader of the free world populated with the best, the most free, the most able and the most successful people that can be.

I hope she takes a good hard look at the real Mrs. Thatcher and alters the way politicians usually do business in this country.  Don't cave to those who would coddle you.  Don't bow to what you know is wrong or unworkable. And don't worry about your gender. If you have what the people want, the people will elect you. You've a prime example in Margaret Thatcher of what can work and even better, how it was made to work!

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