Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Immigration Reform - "If I Only Had A Brain!"

The fight over immigration reform rages.  The Senate wants comprehensive reform - to tackle the issue in one fell swoop.  The House wants to take it in increments.  The latter makes more sense to me.  At least there is a fighting chance we'll know who sticks the pork where.

One of the biggest fights is whether we should make those illegals legal including a path to citizenship first or secure the border.  I'd suggest neither.  My idea which would never be implemented would be that no one who entered the country illegally shall ever have the privilege of being a citizen.  Legal yes, citizen - no.  That's the price. Actions have consequences.  But that's hardly the end of it. There are those, fully one third of the estimated 11 million illegals, who came here legally.

Having said that it seems to me no one is looking at the issue from the right perspective. First of all, no one should be looking at immigration reform as a way to get votes.  That's about as self serving as you can get and a large part of what's wrong with  the country today.  The law makers are self serving.  They don't care about the immigrants, only the way they may vote. They've made that abundantly clear.

It comes to light in one of those now famous audits that come about too infrequently that the Department of Homeland Security has lost track of 1 million people it knows entered the country.  They have no idea where they are now.  Still here?  Have they returned home?  This is ridiculous.  All the special visas in the world that allow people to enter the country legally aren't worth squat when it's so easy to over stay knowing the likelihood of getting caught is slim to none! We have nothing in place to track them.  Until that glaring gap in the system is closed what's the point of everything else?

Those who cross illegally will remain a problem until guest worker programs are put in place but so far Homeland Security has done nothing other than push back deadlines for even coming up with a plan as to how to do it.  We're supposed to feel good because the figure is down to 1million from 1.6 million two years ago?  One million is a lot of people!

It seems no one is utilizing brain power here all for the sake of votes.  I would think the money used for the purchase of 40 million rounds of hollow point ammo per year might have bought some brain power but then that's a pretty tall order in of itself.  They'd need to do brain replacements or enhancements not only for Homeland Security officials but for all of Congress as well! The Wizard of Oz's Scarecrow could have done better.

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