Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ted Cruz, You're Bleeding The Republicans Dry!

Scratch the surface and all politicians are the same.  Take Ted Cruz for example.  He's just like Obama in many ways.  It's his way or the highway and no one will suffer more than the American people and his party.  For what?  His opinion. His opinion that is so superior to all others.

Defund Obamacare or shut down the government.  You know, that's not a fair trade.  Just like so many of Obama's dictates.  But lets look at it.  In truth, not as many are against Obamacare as a whole as Cruz and his ilk would have us believe.  What most object too is that it's being shoved down their throats even though there is much that needs to be reconfigured and the blatant miscalculations that were represented as truths.

Politicians seem predisposed to making a big splash to fix what's wrong rather than taking baby steps.  It is the law of the land.  And yes, Obama has tweaked it under dubious legality.  But why not amend it.  Amend it so there are no carve outs for anyone.  Not the unions, not the largest of corporations and especially not the Congress and their staffs.

Why not amend it so the work week goes back to being 40 hours instead of 30 which is putting so many into financial straits.  Why not amend it to delay the individual mandates along with the corporate ones that Obama has already delayed. You get the idea.

This would make the Republicans look like the paragon of reason, a willingness to compromise and heroes to those who will be most affected.

Why must these politicians tilt at windmills?  Ego.  Ambition.  Both, when misguided lead to oblivion.  Mr. Cruz fancies himself President one day.  He's a rock star in Iowa at the moment.  How many of those Iowa rock stars went on to become President?  Palin?  Bachmann?  Santorum? Caine? Perry? Who?

If he had a Republican Senate behind him and the numbers to over ride a veto I could understand his fervor, but he doesn't.  The Senate will take out the defunding and send the bill back to the House.  Will they put it back in and return it to the Senate in another game of chicken?  Time will tell, but I wish Speaker Boehner would get tough with the Tea Party types who are holding the Republicans, the House and the Country hostage. Deprive them of committee chiarmanships or whatever House discipline measures are available.  Party politics is a team sport and the quarterback calls the plays.  That would be Boehner.  Your not a team player then the prize passes don't come your way.

We all know that if the roles were reversed the Republicans would be screaming bloody murder. This isn't the way government is supposed to work.  In fact it doesn't work this way.

Shutting down the government is Republican suicide.  Those who can't understand this should not be re-elected.  We complain about other countries who have petty dictators as heads of state.  We're not so very different except we have a lot of them.  Each and every member of the governing bodies who refuses to listen and negotiate is just that.  A petty dictator.  That includes the President.

No wonder the rest of the world finds us laughable. We don't even know how to make it work!

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Margie's Musings said...

You're certainly right about one thing, Mari. The Republicans need to work at tweaking the Affordable Care act. Instead of trying to defund it. That's not going to work at all.

They are cutting their own throats because the American people, at least those who think, are not happy with this do-nothing Congress at all.