Friday, December 13, 2013

Walk A Mile In Paul Ryan's Shoes

Is it all for political show?  The idea that no Republican Senator supports the Ryan-Murray budget deal?  Because it doesn't go far enough when it comes to addressing entitlements, spending, etc?

They've gone right back to the Tea Party ways - our way or the highway.  What part of "you're not going to get it all especially at one time" do they not understand?  If it's just political posturing, what's the point?

That there is a deal at all is huge considering the climate of animosity in Congress.  I thought the other day that the Republicans might be getting smart but I see I am wrong.

I suggest any one of those Republican Senators who has the nerve to sit down across the table from Patty Murray, who is a  loyal, tough Democratic worker bee, and see if they can work out a better deal. Or a deal at all.

It's a good thing the Presidential elections are two years down the road.  Republicans are going to have a tough enough time with the mid-terms until and unless something gets through to the obstructionists and explains to them how politics actually work.  They who are holding up Ronald Reagan as their beacon, the man who knew 80% was better than none.  Take it in small increments.  The wins will build. Settling for nothing but everything guarantees you'll get nothing.

It seems elementary to me that in order to move the Republican agenda forward they are going to have to keep the House, take the Senate and the Presidency.  It isn't going to happen as long as the party remains divided or if the obstinate faction wins the battle for the heart soul of the party.

The excuse for the negativity is often blamed on their constituents.  "It's what I was elected to do."  Bull.  None of you were elected to block any sort of progress what-so-ever.  You were elected to figure out how to make things work.  That doesn't mean digging in for an impossible solution then bragging about how you stood on principle!

I'd think you'd have learned after the government shut down.  Apparently you haven't.  That nullifies loyalty and support.  How many of us can you afford to lose?


Word Tosser said...

Just when you thought the Republican party (not tea party, they are an abscess in that party) finally got a back bone.. we find out it is made out of jelly... sad.. really sad.

Margie's Musings said...

I don't know, Mari...but they're about to lose me. I have been a Republican all my voting life (although I always vote for the person and not the party). I'm about to give up on them.