Tuesday, January 14, 2014

...And The Beat goes On

We may be in a new year, but the date is about all that has changed.  The politics of destruction thrives.

It's part of the reason I've been posting less frequently.  Even I, on occasion, look for something positive.  But day in and day out it's the same.

The President is still threatening to go around Congress with executive orders and actions.  The Justice Department can find nothing criminal in the behavior of the IRS in their denying non-profit status to politically oriented  organizations whose politics were against their own. No one is held accountable for anything except a poor governor who was snookered by a faithless staffer.

The truth has yet to be told about the real intent of the ACA or the truth about Benghazi. Hillary has an enemies list and is given a pass because she's Hillary and it's supposedly common practice anyway.  Chris Christie has been found guilty of a crime that has yet to be sorted out again, mostly because he's been leading Hillary in the polls.

Former members of the administration are writing tell all books and pilloried for so doing. Former members of the military have done the same with the same end. The economy is still weak and more and more people have left the work force leaving themselves with little prospect of gainful employment in the future.  Future?  Not for these folks.

John Kerry is still trying to get Israel bend to our will as well as those struggling with what to do about Iran.  Afghanistan is crumbling.  Syria is dying.  Iran is telling us they've won, we've bent to their will. China is still sword rattling in the South China Sea. There is no peace on earth in either the Middle East nor Asia. Our African Command, the Continent where extremist activity is escalating like topsy,  is based in Germany.

The media is still giving the President a pass, the Republicans still look feckless and the Democrats are both scared of and beholden to their leadership.  Harry Reid is still running the country.  What's so great about the new year?


Betty said...

Well, you've memorized the Republican talking points, I see. Hillary, Benghazi, ACA and Kerry. I do hope, though, that you will keep watching things unfold as Governor Christie is exposed as the bully he is. His new lies come to light every day. And, isn't it odd that the only one of his aides he has really thrown under the bus is the woman he couldn't even be bothered to to talk to about what happened? He just stood there and called her a liar. Probably a bad move on his part, because she might be a bit ticked off at him, now. Keep watching. I know I will.

Word Tosser said...

It is sad.. because life will never be like we knew it was in the past.. Yes, some of it we were either in denial.. or ignorance too..
But common sense, honesty and respect has wane away to anything goes.. Life as we knew it.. is gone.. So I have decide a year ago, to listen less. I know it is the head in the sand bit.. but I decided to only worry in what is around me.. my family, friends and town.. because I feel the people no longer care about what is fair, honest and common sense.. What a downer that is.. huh?.. but I have been happier.. and with what little I have left. a year or more if I am lucky... I want to be happy. And not worry about what I can't do anything about.