Sunday, April 06, 2014

It's Hagel's Turn To Scold

I've been wracking my brain trying to remember when this "21st century" way of doing things came into vogue.  I hadn't heard it until Russia fixed itself on the Ukrainian border and was told by our Secretary of State that action was very "19th century".  He didn't have much success with the line.

Now it's Chuck Hagel's turn.  It seems Japan isn't too thrilled with the North Korean's missile tests nor the Chinese sabre rattling over a few chunks of rocks to which they both they both lay claim.

Hagel compares such actions by the Chinese with the Russians and the Ukraine and tells them they must better respect their neighbors; that in the 21st century countries just cannot go around redefining their borders by violating territorial sovereignty with coercion and intimidation.

Just to show how much he means it, he's having two ballistic missile destroyers sent to Japan.  Is this a bit of intimidation and coercion of his own? Especially since he says they are both defensive and offensive in nature.

There was a time it would give China pause.  After all, it's more threatening than sending MRE's to the Ukrainian army rather than weapons while our ship sat off shore.

As far as North Korea is concerned I'm betting it is wasted effort.  They live in their own little world and do whatever they want.  That makes them extremely dangerous because one never knows.  The saving grace is that so far their technology is such they are not yet a huge threat.

China is a different story.  If they chose to get really aggressive they'd flick Hagel off  his podium like a flea. Like the wolf in The Three Little Pigs, we huff and we puff and but then run out of breath.

Japan reminds me somewhat of Israel.  They are between a rock and a hard place with hostiles too close for comfort.  Regardless of all our platitudes, I doubt they're confident we have their back.

George Bush used to be accused of being all hat and no cattle. At least he had the hat. This President doesn't even have a beanie. And the cattle don't exist.

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