Monday, September 29, 2014

Power ~ The Universal Curse

Why is it once one gains power it is so corrupting.  Perhaps it's because it takes corruption to maintain it and without it one becomes just another one of many.

We see it in our own government. Elections are no longer to elect people to do the people's bidding, it's to gain and retain power.  Given that we are far more likely to turn into an Iraq than an Iraq into us.

Consider what we are.  A group of autonomous states joined under a central government with the purpose of solidifying the nation as a unit, maintaining across border infrastructure and protecting the whole against potential outside aggression.

Okay, this is simplistic, but I'm thinking countries like Iraq could benefit from studying such a structure.  If not us, then the European Union.  Yes, we both have our member issues but on the whole it has been a system advantageous to each of the parts.

Consider all the ethnic minorities in Iraq that would like their own piece of the pie.  The Kurds have been the most successful at carving theirs out but there are many others including the Christians. Why not let them carve out their piece of Iraq, set up their states and send representatives to the central government in Baghdad?

Because the power brokers in Baghdad would lose some of their grip. In a skewed point of view, even the graft and corruption would be evened out. That aside, maybe they could all live under one flag more peacefully if each group could have that piece of the pie.  It could be put to practice in Afghanistan too.  Maybe even in Ukraine.

We're fortunate that here we can move from state to state without animosity but you have to admit each had it's own characteristics which are held dear by those who call it home.  So far we haven't gone to war with each other though there certainly are rumblings by some about seceding from the mother union.

Just a thought.  After all, it's really what the IS wants.  It's own Caliphate. The hatred on both sides stems from resentment of and revenge on those who refuse them for the radicals and rupugnance and fear of their tactics on the side of those who oppose them.

It is impossible at this point to contemplate allowing them their Caliphate. Their extremism has gone beyond redemption.  But maybe it's not too late for other countries to re-examine their centralized power bases and consider some restructuring.

Dream on, Dogwalk, dream on.


John Dwyer said...

One thought about federalism: each states rights only go so far, the state and federal government must have a monopoly on the use of force and the federal right is superior to the state's. I don't think any caliphate would accept this any more than the posse comitatus does in our country.

Mari Meehan said...

I wasn't thinking about the Califate. I fear it's either all or nothing with them. Hopefully nothing. I was thinking more in line with the Iraqi Kurds.