Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I disappear from my blog for days on end quite often.  Mostly just to get away from it.  I'm taking some time off now for an entirely different reason.  My Facebook post from yesterday sums it up.  I hope it will suffice:

Thanksgiving will be special this year. So very special. Mike hadn't been feeling well for awhile and being typically male refused to go to the doctor until it got so bad along with something akin to a pulled muscle in his back that he could no longer stand it.
Dr's. appt. Tuesday. Blood work and all the usual stuff. Friday a call to get him to the hospital stat. He was down 2 quarts of blood. Two quarts. Sunday he went through the drill ahead of what was to be a colonoscopy plus a stomach scan.
This morning I drop him off for that. I'm called back. The Dr. wants to talk with both of us. Panic. Big time.
As I write this he's in surgery having 10" of colon removed along with an orange sized tumor. The Doctor says he's going to be fine. It appears to be contained though I'll remain caustiously optimistic until all post surgery testing is done. For now I'm breathing more easily. Forty five years of marriage have been passing before my eyes these past couple of days.
For those of you who know him, don't tell him I wrote this. He'd kill me. Mr. Macho and all that.
But it helps rid some of my anxiety by having done so. Thanksgiving, even foregoing the turkey, couldn't be more timely. Plus I won't have to agonize over Christmas. The shopping is done. When it's cooked doesn't really matter so much.
Funny. He asked me just the other day what I wanted for Christmas and I told him a healthy husband. You don't have to worry about that, he said. I'll take that on good faith.


Twin City Joan said...

My prayers for you and your husband. May this all turn out the way you hope.

marlu said...

Good thoughts coming your way. So glad he finally went to the doctor...they can do wonderful things now!