Saturday, February 28, 2015

Republican Retards

The voters put the Republicans back in the drivers seat but it seems they've forgotten how to drive!  What does it take to make these politicians come to their senses?

I do not for the life of me understand their unwillingness to look at a situation and do what's right.  Like fund the Department of Homeland Security and save the President's fiat over reach for another day.

The Dems have been making the point all along.  With all the terror threats circulating around the world, would we not want Homeland Security up to snuff?  It makes no sense. Not only is it a dangerous gamble but for political purposes alone the optics are terrible.

You'd think they would recognize that part of what put them in the majority was the bad optics of the Democrats.  It goes to show that even though we voted Republicans back to leadership we didn't vote for the right ones.  Ones who understand when to grand stand and when to stop.  Now is the time to stop and get their act together and I mean together.

The argument that they're voting the way their constituents want them to doesn't wash.  It's insulting.  There are other ways of standing up to the President than putting the country at risk.  Don't for a minute think because those DHS employees are considered essential and have to show up for work with no more than a promise of delayed pay that they will do so with their hearts in their jobs.  That in of itself is dangerous.

What the party leaders need to do is sit down and come up with a strategy. On all issues. Why this wasn't done before they took over the reins is beyond me.  There was plenty of time.  Or as like the President, couldn't Mr. Boehner get off the golf course long enough to gather his leadership team and set some priorities?

Thus far I am extremely disappointed in how they are conducting the people's business. They seem to have heard nothing from the electorate other than what they falsely imagine in order to  advance their own personal agendas.  Otherwise business as usual.

As I watch the jockeying for position among the candidates I see some potential for solid leadership.  Should the Republicans be able to prevail over Hillary in the Presidential sweepstakes, what good will it be if the Democrats take back Congress?

Whose hands is it in?  The Republicans.  Mostly in the House. A good share in the Senate.  For the love of country, people, get your blasted act together!

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