Sunday, October 02, 2016

Amoral Hillary Is Not Entitled

I'm one of those detested political animals who claims no party loyalty.  I believe high office, the governance of our country, deserves more; it deserves the best people that can be found regardless of party.

That's one reason I do not understand blind loyalty to either Trump or Hillary.  Today it's Hillary.

Maybe you have you be of my generation to remember the Clinton years and the accompanying shenanigans.  Bill, with his sexual indiscretions, demeaned the office of the Presidency.  Hillary was complicit; an enabler.   And that's only the tip of the iceberg if you go back to Whitewater, Vince Foster, Ron Brown, cattle futures, her chuckling over the case of a child predator among the better known issues.

There is of course debate on the accuracy of all these stories.  You know: her side, my side and the right side.  What there is no argument about, however, are the shenanigans that have gone on and continue to since she was Secretary of State. Plus her unwillingness to tell the truth about them.  She is as unable to tell the straight forward truth as Donald Trump is unable to stay off Twitter. This time it would seem Bill is her enabler such as having a little chat with the Attorney General at an airport in a successful effort to have her call off the FBI then suddenly she appears on Hillary's short list for the Supreme Court.

Maybe there is no fire under all the smoke that comes from the Clinton camp but something is causing it.  And since such effort is made to tell us all is well it should make one wonder at the very least.

I'm certainly not against  having a woman as President.  The female perspective on issues should shake up the establishment to a fare thee well. I just don't think that woman should be Hillary Clinton. The woman who holds the office should deserve it.  That would preclude one who has no major accomplishments from her times in office, one who has a litany of failures because of either incompetence or plain not caring.  One who has no convictions but positions that shift with the wind or which ever group she's speaking to.

That would be her strength.  The ability to present herself as all things to all people, but that she cannot be and stand for anything.

It is sad to know that as the world becomes more chaotic, at least for the upcoming four years as has been the previous eight, it will be missing the leadership of the United States.  It is any ones guess as to what will become of us - our country, our world.


PiedType said...

I'm an independent voter, one who doesn't care much for either party. And I don't like either of our major candidates, for all the reasons you've listed and many more. But having lived through the the Cuban missile crisis and the Cold War, and having been married to a nuclear engineer, I have to vote against Trump. We cannot let that man get his hands on the nuclear codes. He's emotionally unstable. Also, there's a lot that needs fixing by the Supreme Court, and it's going to require more liberal justices appointed by a Democratic president.

Mari Meehan said...

Your comment about Supreme Court judges gave me pause. I'm beginning to think I've gone full circle. When I was very young I fancied myself a social liberal and fiscal conservative. Then I moved toward the center. Now I think I'm still fiscally conservative but shutting down government is going way too far. On social issues I find myself more liberal once again though I neither agree with the religious right nor the progressive left. Both tend to over reach. I guess I can chalk it off to being from a generation far different than those who are ruling the roost today.