Wednesday, June 07, 2006

"65" Is A Speed Zone

Ever since Dave Oliveria of Huckleberries gave my name to an AP reporter I've periodically been asked by various others for comments on being a more "mature" blogger. The latest I hear is in the current issue of the AARP Magazine. At this moment I'm not quite an official senior citizen but will be by the next time I post.

I'd like to reflect a bit. I blog. I'm a smidge away from 65. I post erratically sometimes because, wonder of wonders, I still have a life. We travel, we eat at fine restaurants during regular dining hours, have a cocktail before dinner and wine with. We pay full price for museums, events, whatever. If we do take a discount it is at a motel and will be AAA. We don't even belong to AARP. We have 5 acres to keep up and a dog we spoil rotten. Where does "senior" fit in?

I find blogging fun. I've had a few bad patches but the good has been fantastic. I've made wonderful cyber friends. I've had the pleasure of meeting many of them and wonderful personal relationships have ensued. I don't think I take myself too seriously though I do express my opinions rather freely. But then readers can take it or leave it - I have no cause other than trying to get people to think before forming concrete opinions. And too, blogging is all about whatever you want it to be. What does being "senior" have to do with it?

I believe blogging is a great way to connect to a world outside your own especially if your abilities to do so in other ways are limited. I don't think it should be a first resort by any means. It will, however, keep you thinking, your fingers nimble and be a constant reminder that you need a new prescription for your glasses. Not senior related; my prescription has changed almost annually for years.

My postings wax and wane, I have dry spells when life is keeping me busy. I flat out don't have time to sit at the computer hours at a time day in and day out. What really keeps me with it these days is the wonderful interlocking community that exists here in northern Idaho between Huckleberries here and the fledgling INWBA here. Trust me, age has nothing to do with it!

Now we're off to Vancouver for a Haida art show at the museum, a go at our favorite galleries, visits with good friends and some wine tasting on the way home. Not a bad way for old folks to celebrate a birthday, eh?

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