Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Never Too Old To Learn

My posting has been sporadic at best the past couple of weeks. Between Bacchus and myself we've been paying our doctor's overhead. Well, at least he has. I'm a different story.

For Bacchus we pay full freight. After the hematoma healed up he developed a hot spot on his cheek that was a doozy. Getting that cleaned up, along with the accompanying medications, cost nearly as much as getting the hematoma squared away. No medicare for pups, but then his vet gives him all the time and attention he needs.

Then there's me. I used to fume over the fact that, in her later years, my Mom's entire social life seemed to revolve around health care professionals. Now I understand why. I'm learning. It's a process.

First, I figured out why I thought I didn't like my doctor. It really had nothing to do with her, especially as a person, and had everything to do with me. I'd put off going until I absolutely had to, then did so reluctantly with a chip on my shoulder. Why? Because I knew I was going to have to discuss things I did not want to face. Nothing serious. Just having to admit I'm aging, there are issues that come with it and not liking it one bit.

I'd always have to wait. I resented it. Then I learned the first appointment after lunch usually resolved that problem.

I'd be angry I couldn't address everything I wanted to before I'd be rushed off. Then I understood the person waiting for Doc to finish with me didn't want to have to wait either. So I learned a check list was helpful with the most important issues first. I've also learned to talk a lot less and faster to boot and listen more closely. She's been good enough to provide me with written confirmation of what I am supposed to have heard.

She takes medicare patients. She knows how to deal with us and I've learned a lot just from observing how she deals with me.

I've also learned it's useless to put things off, like lab work, because a few extra days really isn't going to make a difference in the grand scheme of things. I've learned that I worry too much. I've learned that a lot of what ails me can be treated and I can actually feel and function better.

I've learned that I've got a doctor I really am beginning to like. Now. If she can teach me how to deal with a husband who's convinced I'm a hypochondriac, I'll really feel better!


Betty said...

I like my doctor, but I don't like having to go to his lab one day and then go back a couple of days later to get the results. Two trips, and besides, it is so difficult for his patients to get into his office. His parking is inconvenient, and you have to climb stairs to get to the front door. There's an easier entrance around back, but very little parking, which means a much longer walk. I'm sure his older patients complain, so I don't say anything.

Word Tosser said...

did you know they have pet insurance? Neither did I ..but my daughter in law said her vet told her about it. Because she seem to be going to the vet often with their 3 dogs...
My doctor has gotten to the point where he ask... ok, Dr. Cis, what have you tried, so I don't repeat it. And I am horrible because if I go to the Dr. I have to be really really sick... I hate going.. And he is a nice guy.
Oh, Betty, ask your Dr. if he will call you with the Dr. does. Even called on a weekend one time.