Thursday, May 08, 2008

Political Advertising At It's Subliminal Best!

Is this cool or what? In this morning's
Spokesman Review there was an article that told of this wonderful machine invented by a former magician that makes soap/water/helium logos that float through the air much like a balloon!

Fortunately the inventor is not a teacher making a matchstick disappear or he may be accused of practicing wizardry! It should come as no surprise that companies like Walt Disney are using these machines to float images of Mickey over their parks. After all they, in many respects, are what wizardry is all about!

Flogos can make any shape you want by forcing an environmentally friendly foam through a stencil and off it goes into the wild, blue yonder until it finally dissipates.

As my furry friend and I walked this morning I watched the clouds wisking by in the brisk breeze and the thought came to me. Aha! What a way for the Obama campaign to make inroads in West Virginia and Kentucky; states favoring Hillary. No negative advertising needed.

The machines aren't terribly pricey. You can rent one for about $3500 a day. For a campaign that can raise a million dollars a day, $3500 is chump change. Cheaper than a media buy for sure!

So. The campaign goes into the areas that are Clinton strongholds and on election day just launch little clouds of foam spelling out Obama over and over and over.

Cost effective. Environmentally friendly. Effective? Slam dunk!

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