Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Just Which Administration's Policies Would Be Continued?

Well, North Carolina and Indiana are now behind us. Hillary has made it perfectly clear she has no intention of quitting though continuing is sure putting a dent in her pocketbook.

Much has been said by both Democratic spokespeople about moving on, not allowing John McCain to continue as the surrogate for George Bush's third term. What about Bill Clinton's third term? Is that not what Hillary would be? A surrogate for Bill's third?

Okay. The lady wants to win. No one enters the race not wanting to win, but just how much is she diminishing herself in the process? It seems every twist and turn she takes makes it less clear as to what she really represents? The gas tax holiday is a page from McCain. A bad one at that.

Is her obstinate determination not unlike Bush's? Is she seeing only what she wants to see rather than reality?

I'll be waiting to see how many super delegates come forward before the West Virginia primary. She should win because of the demographic mind set. Obama is black. Same in Kentucky. But as all the pundits have made clear, the math isn't working for her. Yet she continues.

It's so everyone has a chance to have their say in this historical election. She's still more electable than Obama. She'd make the better president, commander-in-chief, and so forth and so on.

The Clinton's still maintain a lot of clout within the party. That's pretty clear. But is it too diminishing because this relentless pursuit, using every tactic imaginable, is showing them to be what they actually are? Is it for the good of the country? Or is it for the good of a couple of narcissistic opportunists?

Time will tell.


Word Tosser said...

And then there are some pretty dumb reason's people chose to vote for her... woman what to vote for her, because they want to brag about how they voted for the first woman president... others want her in, as she would be the first..woman who was married to a President and became president herself.
What ever happen to voting because you believe in the issues of the person. That the person you are voting for has pretty much the same ideals you have for the country?
McCain and Clinton is just more of the same of Washington, at least Obama is refreshing change. And so far... I like his attitude and his calmness thru trouble waters.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Hillary is, I don't want it. That being said, I'm not sure just how much influence slick Willie would have. The only ego larger than his, is hers. Hillary isn't bothering with the math because she doesn't see it. The Clintons march to a nasty, dishonest drummer. The rules don't apply to them. And they really believe that. What exactly does Hillary Clinton stand for? She stands for Hillary Clinton....and that is all she stands for. Whatever it takes, whatever smear campaign, nasty lies or dirty trick it takes, will and are being indulged by the Clintons. What is more frightening than that fact, is that so many people in this nation buy into the Clintonian slime. Pie in the sky, something for nothing. "What, me think?" The mantra of so many voters. This attitude will make America a second rate nation. Tragic, truly tragic. Makes one almost happy to be old! Wake up and smell the disaster America. This is no time for oops! CU

J said...
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