Tuesday, May 06, 2008

40 Miles Of Bad Road ... And Growing

The economics of suspending the federal gas tax for the summer are staggering. So is the opposition to the idea being put forth by John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

The Seattle PI laid out what it would cost the state of Washington alone. $126 million dollars and 4300 related jobs! That's not pocket change.

I am well aware how tough times are for the long haul truckers. Relief was needed yesterday. However, to do this so Aunt Mary and Uncle Joe can drive to Orlando so the kids can visit Disney World - well, maybe postponing such a trip would be prudent. Remember it isn't only the cost of gas that's going to tax the pocketbook but food as well.

I am well aware that this has hit a responsive chord with the public. It cramps our style too. But to vote for a person because you think it shows a candidate "understands" is just plain foolish.

First of all, neither candidate will be in office this summer. The Congress has already given a thumbs down to the idea. It's not even a quick fix. McCain says he'll make up the difference from the general fund. It's already shot unless he wants to borrow more from China. And for Clinton's idea of using a windfall-profits tax on the oil companies - she's already spent it once and would never get it through Congress anyway. Of course she wants to bring down OPEC too. Number one she can't and number two even if she could, wouldn't that make the supply even more scarce?

For the average driver, excluding lengthy vacation trips, that drives 12,000 miles a year, the amount in their pocket for this period would come to a whopping $28.

We've had one bridge collapse in Minnesota already. Just think about the highways you drive now. What sort of condition are they in? I know ours are pretty poor. I'd not like to see them get worse because the kids would have to wait a year for Disney World.

I'd also hate to see a candidate elected for one of their worst ideas rather than one of their better ones. If there is such a thing any more.

They deserve to be challenged on the validity of their pandering. Not rewarded for it with votes.

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