Monday, May 05, 2008

My Way Or The Highway!

Dan Henninger wrote a column in last Thursday's Wall Street Journal asking where all the self-proclaimed supporters of Barack Obama were during the darkest hours of his ordeal with former Pastor Jeremiah Wright. You know, like Ted Kennedy, Patrick and Caroline, Oprah, Bill Richardson, Robert Reich, John Kerry and Jay Rockefeller. Just a few of the better known. Good question. Where were they? There was certainly no outcry of support for Obama!

A letter to the editor in today's Journal may have answered that question. They are afraid of the Clintons. There may be more than a little truth to that. Hub has had a theory for some time now that Bill is proficient with photoshop and has pictures of every single super delegate. Back Hillary or the press will get them.

Win at all costs is one of the Clinton family mantras it would seem. You've seen it in Hillary's treatment of Obama. You've seen it in James Carville's treatment of Bill Richardson.

I get nervous as I watch a man of the church exercise ego over judgement in the treatment of a one time friend, member of his congregation and presidential candidate and the voting public can't divorce the story of the pastor from the story of the candidate.

I get even more nervous when the desire to win is so egocentric that every state that has voted for the opposition is dismissed as not important; facts are twisted even with documentation staring them in the face; people across the board are summarily trashed for backing the opponent, sabres are rattled over a country that can be "obliterated" and the voting public looks at all this and says, "Wow! Look how strong she is! She can handle the job!"

It disappoints me that the character of the Clintons and their history has so little resonance with the voters. Vote gender. Vote race. Character doesn't matter. Honesty doesn't matter. The threat of retribution does on the delegate level.

You'd think the threat of an additional war would with the voting public.

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The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

Just thinking that the "threat of war" isn't resonating with the news media, such as CNN. And Clinton's "toughness" or even being able to "handle the job" has absolutely nothing to do with her credentials or character. I think that instead, the news media, such as CNN wants to "fawn" all over her like they did GW because she is at least white and well-connected. The real tough fighter, that would be Senator Obama, of course. Liked your post.