Sunday, May 04, 2008

Nutcracker? Sweet!

It had to happen! I caught a promo for the Graham Norton Show last night where he was demonstrating the Hillary Nutcracker for guest Martin Sheen.

Hillary, ready on the first day. It should make the males in Congress shake in their shorts! Hillary, who now tells us anyone who disagrees with her gas price relief idea is "elitist". Hillary, who has absolutely savaged her opponent. Hillary, who keeps trying to change the rules as she goes along. Hillary, who dismisses every state who has voted in Obama's favor. Hillary, who dismisses the caucus system as nonrepresentational.

You don't want an elitist because he doesn't understand you? You want another man you're comfortable having a beer with? We've got one now, remember? You'd rather have a pretender who sips Crown Royal as a beer chaser? C'mon guys. Get real.

Crack, crumble. Crack, crumble. Thighs of steel the ad tells us. All that's missing is the chair and whip! No wonder guys like steel workers identify with her. It has nothing to do with learning to shoot a gun outside Scranton or pretending to know what a boiler maker is.

It must be the "steely eyed determination", the mind like a "steel trap", the "iron" will that goes along with those "thighs of steel" that attracts them!

Okay all you white, blue collar, middle class men who agree Obama is elitist, are you ready for this?

Or are you so used to it it's your comfort zone?

I don't know Indiana and North Carolina, can she shoot hoops?

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Word Tosser said...

This morning she dismissed the Demo ban on Florida and Michigan. She said oh, we said we wouldn't campaign there, not put our names on the ballot there. If he chose not to put his name on the ballot, oh, well... When George tried to bring up that is what the Demo. chairman and committe said, she brushed it off. Just like when he brought up the experts on the dropping of the gas tax.
Besides she wants the gas companies to pay the taxes on the gas instead of the customer. Yea, like that is going to happen.