Saturday, May 03, 2008

Mean Streets

Every once in awhile I get an idea that is so brilliant I can hardly believe I came up with it! How to get Spokane city streets repaired!

Spokane's streets are so full of potholes it's nearly a national disgrace. Cars are thrown out of alignment, tires are burst, it's a mess. Tomorrow, however, is Bloomsday. An annual race that covers a route over many of these streets. Patching along the route had to be done to avoid potential injury to the runners.

They could take it a step further and solve pothole problems for the Coeur d'Alene area too. We could share the Ironman competition. They could start here with the swim in our lake, as usual. The bicycle stint could go from here to Spokane. By closing the west bound lanes of I-90 to vehicular traffic, the cyclists would have plenty of room and maybe the highway department could fix the stretch of sinking roadbed in Post Falls that swallowed cars all winter. For the safety of the cyclists of course.

Then run the marathon in Spokane. Twenty six miles. Only don't release the route until the day before the race. Spokane would have to fix all the city streets for the runners' safety, not to mention saving embarrassment. After all, not knowing the route, the runners would be training all over the city.

How would all this be paid for? Easy. With the kazillions of dollars we're told these events bring to our local economies.

Brilliant. Now really. Isn't it?


Betty said...

Brillian! Wonder why nobody ever thought of that before?

Anonymous said...

I am truly blinded by the light from this brilliance. CU