Friday, May 02, 2008

Wedding Bell Blues

Hub and I will celebrate 39 years of marriage come September. I consider myself one very lucky woman. Not because he's such a great guy and spoils me rotten. It's because he didn't follow his college minor, political science, and become a politician!

Politics seems to be one of the most unsafe surroundings for "happily ever after" bliss. Rumor has it JFK played around with the likes of Marilyn Monroe. We know about Gary Hart and his "monkey business". Bill Clinton is famous for his dalliances which caused "pain" in his marriage.

More recently we've had N.Y. governor Eliot Spitzer and his successor David Paterson admitting to extra-marital activity.

Today we learn the Ohio attorney general has just admitted to an affair and even more shocking, Barbara Walters and former Senator Edward Brooks!

Just a thought to end the week. I find it interesting that a politician takes an oath of office and is expected to uphold it. Why is it so many feel they do not have to uphold the oath taken when they wed?


Word Tosser said...

And then the new release of a book about Eleanor and Ruth... the women of FDR's.... while he was President

Phil said...

Early congrats on 39 years. My wife and I will be celebrating our 18th next month.

On my desk, I have a statuette of a goofy little man that reads: "I may not be good looking, but I'm faithful."

My wife appreciates it!

Anonymous said...

The Baba Wawa bit just cracks me up. Apparently the good Senator has remained mum. CU