Friday, June 20, 2008

Chuck Hagel (R-NE) For Vice President - For Obama!

Hub and I often talked about Chuck Hagel being a great choice for Obama. If Joe Lieberman, the "independent" Democrat from Connecticut can do it - play cozy with John McCain in hopes of some place in the hierarchy of a McCain administration, why shouldn't Chuck Hagel consider being Obama's running mate if asked?

Actually, we learn today, he would consider it. He's been at odds with the Bush administration over a multitude of issues. Best of all, he actually has real world experience outside of his two terms in the Senate.

Not that the Senate experience isn't of value in of itself. It is certainly broad based. He served on four committees: Foreign Relations, Housing and Urban Affairs, Intelligence and Rules. Foreign Relations and Intelligence are certainly a thumbs up, especially when paired with his military service as an Army Sergeant in the Infantry during which time he was decorated many times including a bronze star and two purple hearts. We all know in corporate America, secretaries run the business. In the military its the sergeants! I would think he knows his way around.

In the private sector Hagel has served on more boards and received more honors than I could possibly list. he has also done just about everything imaginable from working as a newscaster and talk show host to the president of an investment banking firm to co-founding VANGUARD Cellular Systems.

Talk about a dream of a running mate. Hillary pales in comparison! Obama has promised us change we can believe in. Could we believe in a bipartisan Presidential team? Talk about having the ability to reach across the aisle!

It would drive the party purists nuts, but if we are bold enough to embrace Obama as a Presidential contender, why not look to a really new style of governing. Bring the opposing views together at the very top, sort it out between themselves then present the issues to Congress. My mind is aglow with the possibilities.  

Change we can believe in. Not a bad slogan! An even more intriguing idea.

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Betty said...

A "coalition government?" I'm not so sure, but it is an intriguing idea.