Saturday, November 08, 2008

What's In A Name?

Much is being made over what the Obamas should name their new puppy. Two suggestions Nora O'Donnell mentioned yesterday had me chuckling. Bark Obama. If the choice were to be a Pit Bull - Lipstick.

Lipstick. A Pit Bull with Lipstick. If Obama were to carry on the Bush tradition of nicknaming everyone, I'd think Lipstick would be a good name to give Rahm Emanuel! He was chosen for just that trait and if he has a sense of humor I'd guess he'd embrace it.

In thinking back on some of the nicknames Bush bestowed, it's no wonder his relations outside his bubble were sometimes strained. Vladimir Putin - Pootie Poo or Ostrich Legs or former Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien - Dino, short for Dinosaur.

One may have had a sense of ones standing in the inner circle by some of those names. Condoleezza rice as Guru versus Colin Powell as Balloon Foot. Dick Cheney probably demanded his - Big Time. In good times Karen Hughes probably enjoyed High Prophet rather than the alternative Lima Green Bean.

Others were just plain fun and appropriate Hogan (as in Heros) for John McCain while California Senators Boxer and Feinstein shared a theme, Ali and Frazier.

Affection had to be mutual for Karl Rove to have enjoyed being referred to as Turd Blossom while former FEMA Director Michael Brown had to wonder if he was even on the radar with nothing more than Brownie.

Then there was the gamut of the media where Candy Crowley could bask as Dolce, Spanish for candy, while the at other extreme Maureen Dowd was dubbed Cobra.

What will we do without the code? We have the Bushs showing their Texan graciousness to the Obamas during the transition, though Barney has not let the media forget his contempt.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan was gracious during an apology from Obama for an attempt at humor that got it all wrong but was in no way meant to be mean spirited.

Maybe it's best we forget both Pit Bulls and lipstick and let Mr. Emanuel be simply Chief of Staff. A return of graciousness practiced by those in government will serve us all well. Now, can we start on talk radio?


Sylvia K said...

Yeah, let's start on talk radio! Sounds like a winner to me! To be sure it needs something.

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, by all means. Talk radio disgusts me because so many ignorant people believe it is the gospel and never do any of their own research...just take the word of the talk show host.

Linda said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could drown out the awful right wing radio folks?

I think Rahm Emanuel's appointment was excellent. Obama has great intuition. He wants results.