Friday, December 12, 2008

Silence Is Not Always Golden!

Okay, the Blagojevich mess in Illinois isn't what Obama and his transition team need at the moment. What puzzles me is why Obama doesn't speed things up by clarifying who has talked with the governor and why. How long does an internal investigation of his inner circle take? It isn't that large! If someone lied to Obama, even if it's his designated chief of staff, he ought to be out of there immediately if not sooner!

I would expect, if it wasn't Obama himself, the filling of his Senate seat would have been talked about in some sense without it having any degree of impropriety. After all, the Governor is the only one with the power to fill it. This parsing of words on Obama's part and the stone walling by Rahm Emanuel makes it look like business as usual rather than the "change" Obama has been espousing!

The stories are full of conflict. It is reported that Obama and Blagojevich didn't like each other. It's a different story with Rahm Emanuel. One story has it that he may have been the one who tipped authorities. Others place him in a far more compromising position.

When he skips a news conference and refuses reporter's questions because he's being a "father" attending a concert in which his daughters were performing, it smacks.

If he was the informant I should think he would be applauded. If he merely had a conversation about who the candidates might be, what harm is there in that? If he tried to influence the decision and was held up for it, that's a whole different ball game. That isn't just Chicago nor Illinois politics. That's politics as usual.

If there is indeed an attempt to cover up someones involvement, mark my words it will come out. If Obama is trying to sweep this under the rug it won't work. As it stands now, if it isn't fully resolved by January 20 he will take the oath of office under a cloud that may never lift.

Politics as usual. What a sacrifice of promise that would be. Especially since it can all be saved with a moment of truth.

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Betty said...

If Rahm Emmanuel is the one who tipped off the Prosecutor, he may have been instructed not to talk to anyone. But, as you say, it will all come out. I am inclined, at the moment, to give him the benefit of the doubt.